Phenomena of mass culture and niche culture have grown up around music. Music feeds cultures and counter-cultures, existential currents and social movements. Music is a strong and immaterial presence that takes form in everyday life through the behaviors and rituals of people, and the different ways we have of experiencing it, playing it, listening to it.

The installation by Lorenzo Palmeri created for R101 is a tribute to the vintage culture of vinyl, the most fascinating of musical media, which is now going through a comeback thanks to the pursuit of materic quality on the part of users and the symbolic value of the object.

It is also a tribute to the figure of the DJ who from the height of the podium embodies the ritual role of the person who chooses the tone and the rhythm of the dance. The people, however, have an active role: they too are invited to be the DJ, to select and launch their own playlists for the Cortile d’Onore, for an unforgettable night.

Produced by R101 with Fenix NTM by Arpa Industriale

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