To counter the fast pace of today’s world, which disrupts our attention and brings a sense of disorientation, the New York-based studio ShoP Architects creates a “slowinstallation that conveys a sense of solidity, based on geological time, unfolding era after era. Wave/Cave is composed of 1670 blocks of unglazed terracotta made by NBK Keramik and arranged in an area of 55 square meters.

The blocks are extruded using an exclusive production process, and cut by numerically controlled machinery in as many as 797 different shapes. The blocks are placed on three levels to form a height of 3.6 meters, and are vertically connected by 12mm steel bars.

The structure has been designed in collaboration with Arup and installed by Metalsigma Tunesi, for an overall weight of 60 tons. While the exterior of Wave/Cave has a compact, regular surface, the interior – protected by Cricursa glass – is of surprising ornamental impact.

The beauty and intricate pattern are enhanced by the lighting, developed by L&L Luce&Light and designed by PHT Lighting Design. Inserted in the blocks and pointing upward, the fixtures produce extraordinary effects of light and shadow.

Realizzazione: NBK KERAMIK, METALSIGMA TUNESI con Arup, Cricursa, PHT Lighting Design Luci L&L Luce&Light

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