Following the desire for connection with the external environment, Giorgio Armani draws inspiration from nature to imagine spaces, furnishings and accessories that tell the need for a light, airy and bright home serenity

Giorgio Armani has been saying this for some time. We should slow down and abandon the frenzied rhythms: those of the luxury sector, but also those of life. Expanding time, building a method, establishing habits: only in this way can conscious slowness become a practice that lasts for a long time, like the furnishings that the stylist designs.

And on the occasion of FuoriSalone 2021, the stylist and designer, creative in the round, proposes a home (for and how) "a changing world". Made of rational spaces that reconcile personal, family and work needs, set up with new furnishings but with timeless elegance and with refined but functional objects, covered with precious but sustainable fabrics and permeated by natural suggestions that bring brightness, airiness and the beneficial tranquility of the great open spaces inside a home to be lived in a complete and continuous way.

Pure geometric lines, covered with quality materials; tailoring, craftsmanship, oriental influences and references to nature, intended as a source of inspiration and at the same time an element to which to give profound respect, for furniture, objects and fabrics that do not go out of fashion. Precious finishes and sober, discreet, whispered and (therefore) extremely sophisticated shapes. These are the stylistic and conceptual traits that have distinguished - for 20 years - the Armani/Casa line, now interpreted by adding further lightness. Structural, visual, soulful.

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There are many questions that Giorgio Armani has tried to answer in these years marked by the pandemic and the lockdowns that have made domestic environments the main horizon of everyday life. Questions that concern not only the rationalization of spaces, to find the right balance between the activities of daily life and professional commitments, but also a more complete way of living the home, as an intimate place, to take refuge, relax, restore and at the time himself rediscover conviviality.

“For this Armani / Casa collection I let myself be inspired by nature,” explains the designer. “We live on this planet and we need to be in contact with the earth. The natural elements give calm, serenity and offer the background on which to express ourselves”.


Indulging a strong desire to reconnect with the external environment, Armani draws inspiration from the strength and infinite richness of nature to imagine living spaces, furnishings and accessories that convey a need for intact beauty that gives calm and serenity.

The result is a collection full of elegant and discreet objects, which outline different but deeply linked worlds, which express all the dimensions of the concept of 'living at home'. Objects partly made with the intelligent reuse of different materials or produced through traceable and certified processes.

The reference to natural elements is the leitmotif of the new collection which reflects the need for outdoor life and which translates into the delicate animal prints and textures, the aesthetic perfection of flowers and leaves, up to the reproduction of the veins of the stones. Even the range of colors proposed is a clear reference to nature: light and dark greens, blues, turquoise and the wide range of neutrals linked to the colors of the earth.

Lightness and light

Applying the philosophy and conceptual creativity that has always characterized his works, Giorgio Armani imagines furnishings that meet the essential criteria of functionality, quality and elegance, with a focus on particular to the refined design and decorative details that define the visual continuity between the different areas of the house.

Among the furnishings, essential in lines and precious materials, which enrich the work area, the Rousseau desk stands out. Made in rod and leather, it is an exemplary piece of the formal lightness that distinguishes the new proposals.

For the living room the novelty is the Rodeo pouf, while in the dining area the lighter volumes and minimal shapes of the Rosemond table and the chair Roslin.

The same lightness is found in the sleeping area , where the Ronin screen, illuminated inside, creates a delicate and evocative halo of light that defines its contours. The proposals for rest are entirely padded or, by contrast, outlined by thin structures. The sculptural lamps interpret geometric shapes or, as in the case of Ramage and Retta, have details that recall natural elements.

Royal, the limited edition bar cabinet

The novelty that enriches the Armani / Casa bar furniture collection could be defined as “hand-made sartorial furniture”. The cylindrical and elongated structure of Royal is defined by the semicircular sides which also become the legs of the furniture. The original aesthetic is determined by Giorgio Armani's deep connection with oriental culture which echoes in the paper and cotton upholstery, referring to the Japanese tatami, while the particular motif is inspired by nature, similar to the veins of the marble and mother-of-pearl, of the internal structure. In limited edition, Royal is available in only 88 pieces .

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Moments of relaxation

Designed for moments of sharing, the Rugiada set allows you to prepare cocktails to be served with style both at home and outdoors, while the Rubens go game of Asian origin and the Regni double-use plaid, on which the design of a chessboard, enrich the Armani/Casa game collection.

Sleeping area and self-care

Nature enters even the most discreet area of the house, through objects dedicated to self-care. Thus the Roomy boxes covered in fabric are perfect for storing objects, while the fragrances for wardrobes diffuse delicate essences. The selection is completed by Pegaso candles in animal cruelty free wax and the bottle with two glasses for the night Riviere .


The most convivial space in the house is enriched by the Robespierre barbecue set, which includes fork, spatula and tongs with the GA logo, and a selection of table accessories Rowan, which, made of marble-effect resin, includes a bento box. Also in resin are the cutting board, the spaghetti dispenser and the small rolling pin.

Outdoor life and fitness

For outdoor living, practical and elegant objects have been designed, such as the Rovo set, a gardening bag in checkered fabric and leather, equipped with six pockets external to contain steel tools with wooden handles, and the steel water bottle with leather elements that complements the Pump home fitness accessories collection.

The nature of textiles

Armani/Casa's highly performing fabrics with classic textures also evoke nature, reproducing lush gardens or dense sections of stones and micro / macro motifs inspired by materials most valuable. The neutral color palette is enriched by shades of water and bright accents of green and orange.

The most precious wallpaper

Launched in 2014 in collaboration with Jannelli & Volpi, the wallpapers are proposed in the third collection Precious Fibers . The eight new proposals reinterpret the suggestions of operas and ballets using sophisticated materials such as silk, lurex, velvet, and introducing innovative production processes alongside techniques traditional.