New showrooms and historic locations, unmissable product presentations and installations: what to see during Milan Design Week in the Brera area (and surroundings)

FuoriSalone 2021 in Brera. Almost a hundred events, showrooms, installations, concentrated in a few square kilometers, in an unmissable district of the Milan design week. Where to go? Anywhere, of course. A walk in the area and FuoriSalone 2021 will meet you alone. Unmissable Creative Connections at the Botanical Garden, the installation by CRA - Carlo Ratti Associati in collaboration with Eni for the great INTERNI event (a dedicated site will be online from 25 August). But also the traditional appointment with the world of Dimore in via Solferino (a jewel for interior design lovers) and, a little outside the area, the Take Your Seat exhibition at the ADI Design Museum Compasso d'Oro (on the subject, which has always been dear to always to the designers, of the chair).

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A selection of FuoriSalone 2021 events that are worth seeing and why

Impossible to list them all. But this is also why the Interni 2021 FuoriSalone guide exists, which we invite you to consult to discover the product presentations of the individual brands (online from the beginning of September).

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The object becomes, Cinema Anteo, on 6 and 7 September

After bathing in events, brands and news, the advice is to stop and “integrate the experience”. An approach chosen by Belgium is Design, which has represented the best of the Belgian design landscape for more than a decade. This year the choice, to give a strong meaning to the 18 months that have just passed, is to present an intangible product, the film The object becomes (Antaeus, 6 and 7 September). Directed by Alexandre Humbert, a designer who has been exploring film practice for some time. The project is curated by Giovanna Massoni.

What to Expect? “We try to tell what is the direction taken by design, a discipline that has to do more and more with immateriality and with an attitude of openness and non-finality”, explains Giovanna. “The practice of open source applied to an object aims to overcome the serial nature of industry, and the illusory certainty that it is able to meet and satisfy individual needs and desires”. Intervention practices on reality, on the existing, which aim to find solutions and dialogue with the social, cultural and ecological context. “It is a film in which there are no objects, but an attitude of research, of possibility. Each object is actually an intention in which different disciplines converge, which interact thanks to design”.

What do we like? The ambition is great: to tell a world that is one step ahead of traditional production. The Belgian project has proven to be sensitive to the theme, and cultivates a courageous gaze that takes reflection far beyond the usual idea of making material. Thus the fragility, ours and that of objects, becomes a quality that invites evolution, transition. It is not a complex film, nor a difficult one. Indeed: it is what is needed to understand where and how the project of immateriality becomes useful, functional and pragmatic.

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Dimoregallery in via Solferino 11

Why do we like it? For some years now, the apartment in via Solferino has been welcoming beautiful settings that make anyone who loves design happy. And then there is always the thrill of queuing to enter, this year more than ever.

What to see from Dimoregallery? With Past Present Future, Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran transform the apartment that was originally their home into an installation divided into three parts: Past, a museum-style exhibition that aims to be a celebration of Italian Rationalism, Present that returns a new vision of interiors by Dimoremilano, a brand of furniture, fabrics and accessories, and Future dedicated to Claudio Salocchi, protagonist of the creative ferment of the Sixties and Seventies.

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USM x Monocle in Corso Garibaldi 71

Why do we like it? A treat for sophisticated palates: USM Haller, an icon brand of Swiss design, meets Monocle, the cosmopolitan bible of cultured lifestyle. All presented by Rossignoli, in the historic shop in Corso Garibaldi 71.

What to see from USM x Monocle? The two bicycles born from the co-branding between USM, Monocle and the very Milanese bicycle brand. No anticipation, just high expectations.

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Isola Design Festival at the Isola district

Why do we like it? The Isola neighborhood is pleasant, a little chaotic but full of interesting places. In recent years it has started hosting events and installations during the FuoriSalone. Design Week 2021 is no exception, on the contrary Isola becomes a respectable design district.

What to see at the Isola Design Festival? Playful, young, design, at Stecca 3 in via De Castilla 26. The hottest themes of the project: young families, hybrid spaces. Plus a pop-up bar set up by Mariadela Arraujo. Another event worth mentioning: Materialized, at Spazio Gamma in via Pastrengo 7. Dutch design confronts itself with new materials, between nature and technology.

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The other FuoriSalone 2021 events in the Brera area and surroundings: list is being updated

  • ADI Design Museum, Take Your Seat / Prendi Posizione, an exhibition that investigates historical design through the chair object and an opportunity to visit the beautiful new space in Piazza Compasso d’Oro 1. Also at the ADI Design Museum there is also SuperSuperfici. The spirit of Memphis reloaded, Abet Laminati and the forty years of Memphis. Main theme: rediscovering the meaning of being radical today.
  • Airnova, via Fiori Chiari 24. The installation Naturalis Artificium, a collaboration between Gian Paolo Venier and the street artist Tvboy.
  • In a nutshell, da Dilmos, via San Marco 1. Considerations and projects born from the period of force closure.
  • Dior, Palazzo Citterio, via Brera 12. Artists and designers are called upon to reinterpret The Dior Medallion Chair.
  • Casa Canvas, via Solferino 42. The new hospitality project co-created by Canvas Milano and Bespoken Guides.
  • Wherever you feel, Manerba, piazza San Simpliciano 1. Co-living and co-creation in three types of spaces designed by Federica Biasi.
  • Casa Mutina Milan, via Cernaia, 1. The Luigi Ghirri - Between the Lines exhibition project dialogues with the new ceramic display of the Din collection designed by Konstantin Grcic.
  • Cambi Casa d’Aste (via San Marco 22) with the Mr. Lawrence studio presents the CTMP Design Auction of contemporary collectible design. A selection of objects and furnishings, signed by both well-known international designers and emerging talents, will be presented in an exhibition.
  • My Senses by Michele Perlini. The historic K35 tram will cross the streets of Brera as usual, but will do so as a hub of sensory experiences and social interactions. Each day will in fact be dedicated to deepening one of the five senses with workshops, show cooking and events. The carriage with a retro aesthetic has been redesigned as a large furnished open space, in which the tops are covered with the Musa collection by Lapitec.
  • Eataly Milano Smeraldo, Piazza XXV Aprile. Friday 3 September 8 illustrators from the Illustrious Association will be the protagonists of a live performance: they will decorate, each with their own style, 4 symbolic pieces of Kartell. The works, on display until September 15, will be auctioned on Charity Stars: the proceeds will go to support the Refettorio Ambrosiano in Milan.
  • The Sozzani Foundation in Corso Como 10 presents the exhibition Nanda Vigo, Close Encounters Art, Architecture, Design.
  • The first of 3 stages of L’erbario in viaggio, an itinerant project in images conceived by Green Island in collaboration with RFI Rete Ferroviaria Italiana - Gruppo Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, is staged at the Milan Porta Garibaldi Station. The photographic works, created ad hoc, of about 30 artists who dealt with the theme of art and nature and vegetation in movement will be exhibited. The purpose? Promote the beauty ... of traveling by train.
  • In via Pastrengo 14, the glass installation Lumina Naturae by Marc Sadler marks the debut of Gritti, the new brand of the Venetian company Sylcom.