Design is the World of Fantasy. A project by CastagnaRavelli with the Associazione per il Policlinico onlus, in collaboration with Impuro - Officina del design. Loggiato Est - Università degli Studi di Milano

Design is the World of Fantasy. A project by CastagnaRavelli with Associazione per il Policlinico onlus, together with Impuro - Officina del design.

Loggiato Ovest - Università degli Studi di Milano.

Gianni Ravelli

“After the long, sad and gray period of the pandemic, we need to start living again with a new energy, in the name of lightness, fantasy and color. And what better than design can give us all this? " With this intention was born the installation that adorns three arches of the Loggiato Est: a large abstract painting composed of three square canvases in turn formed by smaller paintings, all supported by special self-supporting metal supports. Although it is not a light installation, the designers have opted for more reactive colors and therefore more visible in both natural and artificial light: white, gold, red, with the addition of black to give depth. In the middle of the hand-painted squares, triangles and rectangles are the words "Design is the World of Fantasy" and a cartoon image of a dog. This pop representation wants to pay homage to design considered a fundamental part of current mass culture and at the same time suggest an attitude that recovers a healthy and naive optimism with which to face the challenge of the future. With this vision, design could contribute to some social initiatives: in fact, at the end of the exhibition the individual pieces that make up the painting will be auctioned and the proceeds will be donated to the Association for the non-profit Polyclinic to support their activities. More and more design for the good and health of all!