Enlightening the future. A project by Marcel Wanders studio, realized by Audi. Lounge Poliform. Via della Spiga 26 - Audi City Lab

Enlightening the future. A project by Marcel Wanders studio, made by Audi. Poliform Lounge.

Via della Spiga 26 - Audi City Lab

Marcel Wanders e Gabriele Chiave

Light, technology and innovation are the keywords of the project conceived by Marcel Wanders studio, which connects visitors emotionally with the imagery and contents of Audi’s world. The installation presents two new and futuristic cars from the House of the four rings, the RS e-tron GT and A6 e-tron concept, through an immersive experience that develops in several phases and on several levels of involvement in the unfinished space of the building at via della Spiga 26. Light, understood as the only form of visible energy, but also a medium of communication and connection, is the guiding thread of the project. The inspiration comes from the various expressive and design forms by which Audi develops the theme of lighting and embodies it in its cars. Through different light scenarios, the visitor is guided along an experiential path that starts with a “sensorialtunnel, continues with the showroom presenting the two new models, where the light explodes and takes on the architectural function of an immaterial wall, and concludes with a lounge with a softer and more muted atmosphere. From the facade to the interiors, from the cladding to the furnishings, the space of the unfinished construction site is temporarily transformed by the intervention of Marcel Wanders studio, recounting the new frontiers of Audi research in an emotional way.