Falso Autentico. A project by Marco Nereo Rotelli, made by glo. Cortile del Settecento - Università degli Studi di Milano


Marco Nereo Rotelli. Ph. Massimo Dall’Argine

Falso Autentico is the home of the languages we have lost and it reappears transformed. It is about entering an architecture made from raw earth by an ancient African technique to enter the future, since the inside is the outside: a digital and immersive space, an idea of a place like the logos”. With these words the architect-artist Marco Nereo Rotelli introduces the concept of his work, built with glo. The building, designed with the architect Mauro Bertagnin, reveals a sustainable approach to building and living, with the archetypal and mythical suggestion of African beehive houses. The type and dimensions (height 7 meters, diameter 5 meters) of the building, together with the raw earth used for the external covering, richly textured with the artist’s writings, constitute the most direct reference to the Authentic. The structure is made of light wooden coffering, partly hollow to create an air chamber for ventilation inside the building, and partly filled with a layer of earth mixed with natural recycled fibers to anchor the external roof covering to the ground. Circular openings in the topmost part increase the natural ventilation, while light is shed through the aperture at the top. The internal concave walls act as a support for projections of images from devices built into a central tower with a square plan.

Rotelli's internal luminous work leaves the viewer suspended between possible worlds, between lights, words and music that is constantly changing, because it continues, an urgent search for balance and harmony (Music by Alessio Bertallot and Marco Rigamonti).

In the cloister, six totems surround the installation to accompany the visitor in discovering the work, with the story of the concept, the structure, the artist, the interaction between the physical and digital world.