The city seems to be reborn thanks to this FuoriSalone 2021. Not only in the center or in Brera, but in the most remote suburbs. And, surprise, many installations do not disappear with the closure of the FuoriSalone

It's nice to see the queues at Inganni to enter Alcova or meet in Crescenzago to visit Assab One. Get to Piazza Gino Valle, or the new Superstudio Maxi at Barona. It is a sign that the city is willing to let itself live, the neighborhoods to open their doors to the somewhat intrusive public of design.

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Assab One, Scultografie by Daniele Papuli and 1 + 1 + 1/2021 by Federica Sala

Two different exhibitions, with almost divergent aims. Daniele Papuli is an artist who works with paper. The site specific Cartoframma Bianco is made with 42,000 strips of paper coming from the reuse of typographic processes. A work to be viewed with patience, which evokes a kind of visual dedication. The shadows and colors change as you circumnavigate a paper island that has nothing fragile about it.

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The research of 1 + 1 + 1/2021 is different. From a project by the founder of Assab One Elena Quarestani, curated by Federica Sala (who also took care of the Marcin Rusak exhibition). The relationship between different artists and between them and the space they occupy is the central theme of the format, already tested in recent years.

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This year the common theme is to look at the existing with less intrusive eyes, to cultivate a creative gaze. Federica Sala has chosen the Dutch architects Jan De Vylder/Inge Vinck, Claudia Losi and the Carretto/Spain duo.

Care and attention are the protagonists of the installations. Both exhibitions close on October 16th.

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Cozzi swimming pool, Be Water by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari

The gigantic installation of the two founders of the Toiletpaper art magazine at the Cozzi pool will remain to decorate the walls of one of the most typical and loved places in the city until September 2022. The mural depicts a woman immersed in water, looking at the world with indecipherable eyes. Wink? Are you asking for help? Do you have a dialogue with those who swim in the pools? A legible and super decorative beauty, which speaks above all of Toiletpaper's intelligent entrepreneurial operation and virtuously seeks a dialogue with the city.

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Valentina Ciuffi and Joseph Grima venture as far as Inganni and place Alcova in an abandoned part of the military hospital of Baggio. The one inhabited by the Sisters of Charity, committed to serving in the hospital wards. Plus two other buildings: the laundry and the disinfection rooms. Fifty exhibitors confronted the ancient, untouched spaces invaded by the vegetation of the overgrown garden. It looks like an installation by Greenaway, or a decadent turn by Wes Anderson.

Some really interesting interventions, like that of Design Switzerland or HEAD - Genève, with its Milk Bar, designed by design students with the care of India Mahdavi. But the doubt remains that the container is a little more protagonist than the content. In greater dialogue with spaces is what is missing.

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Arcimboldi Theater, No Entry

Seventeen unpublished projects by the great architectural studios for the same number of dressing rooms at the Arcimboldi Theater. And there is not one that can be said to be uninteresting. A series of measured, often exciting interventions that interact with a place that was originally little thought of.

The artist's dressing room is by definition bare, little more than a service room. It denies the function of temporary reception, of a magical place where the human being becomes a performer: mysteries of the theater. The studios chosen by Giulia Pellegrino have interpreted those few very important square meters. According to some, the most beautiful event of the FuoriSalone 2021.

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Cover photo: Be Water, a large site specific installation, conceived by Toiletpaper, the editorial project of only images signed by the artist Maurizio Cattelan and the photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari, created at the Cozzi Pool, in viale Tunisia 35, in collaboration with Desigual and promoted by the Municipality of Milan and Milanosport.