Less installations and shows, more space for didactic projects. What we saw interesting in the most pop district of the FuoriSalone

From instagrammable installations to an investigation into the future of the Planet and the home: while remaining vibrant and pop for FuoriSalone 2021 (see also: Interni's FuoriSalone 2021: guide, events, talks) Tortona tries to win the district palm more and better focused on the scenarios of tomorrow.

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Sustainability as the fil rouge of the Tortona area

Not only because at Base Milano, the entrance door to the area, many initiatives try to imagine and tell about home living and post Covid relationships - the title of the exhibition, which involves Ikea, is in fact We Will design - but also for the large number of initiatives dedicated to sustainability.

Here are which ones impressed us the most, and why.

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CCC, Cross cultural chair by Matteo Guernaccia

A special mention deserves CCC - Cross Cultural Chair, the research by Matteo Guarnaccia on the social and cultural differences of the eight most populated countries in the world - Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, China, India, Russia and Nigeria - which are reflected in the design of the chair and in the way we relate to this furniture and to the act of sitting down.

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Discovering, curated by Fulvia Ramogida at Superstudio Più

Environmental issues are the protagonists of Discovering, the space at Superstudio Più curated by Fulvia Ramogida dedicated to a "wise and thoughtful" design, which makes use of sustainable and experimental materials with cutting-edge techniques starting from 3D printing, while the exhibition Materially, curated by Chiara Rodriquez, Federica Pistonesi and Anna Pellizzari, is a catalog of researches that take the form of ecological materials with the right aesthetic value.

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The tech touch by Carlo Ratti for Lamborghini

There is no shortage of events dedicated to technology, starting with the Lamborghini Countach in the hybrid version designed, fifty years after the launch of the car, by CRA - Carlo Ratti Associati, passing through the connectivity investigated between apps and systems for the home by brands such as Hoover and Candy.

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Belgian design at Tortona Rocks and the Superdesign Show curated by Giulio Cappellini

In the year without Satellite, it is nice to find a country, Belgium, which, as for years now, brings a selection of its best talents to Milan (to Tortona Rocks). And for the same reason - the space assigned to creativity under 35 - the roundup of vases - one thousand - that stands out against the background of the large hall at Superstudio Più is interesting: Francesco Pirrello and Pierpaolo Pitacco have selected the pieces signed by young designers. Design made in Italy, and not only, the protagonist of the two installations curated by Giulio Cappellini at the Superdesign Show. The first, Cult & Must, arises from the effort to take a census of the icons of the new millennium, historicizing the value of furnishings from the last twenty years. The other, Supercampus, is a journey through the best furniture and systems with a "double life", versatile and suitable for the contemporary home.

The FuoriSalone 2021 of Light: mist to Corso Monforte

Hang - seeding the future at Tortona Rocks

The space that, until two years ago, was occupied by the most spectacular installations and shows, in this FuoriSalone in Tortona less immersive and more didactic initiatives are taken. Like Hang - Seeding the future in via Tortona 21, which is an opportunity to try to dispel doubts whether it is really possible to graft the crops (and therefore the lifestyle) of the countryside into the city. The answer comes from aeroponic cultures, those where the roots are not immersed in the earth and are nourished by nebulization, with consequent savings of energy and water. It will happen for the first time in the Forrest in Town housing estate where the system will allow residents to self-produce vegetables.

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Photo cover Courtesy Base Milano.