Three fragrances by Jean Niel plus eight characters inspired by Caterina de 'Medici and interpreted by Luca Nichetto. At FuoriSalone Ginori presents a line of home fragrances

Take one of the brands that, for three centuries, has represented Italian excellence in porcelain and design, an old French perfume company and an established young designer. The result is the acronym LCDC, La Compagnia di Caterina (in the sense of de' Medici), the name of the new line of Home Fragrance of the Ginori 1735 brand that is presented in Milan, in the flagship store in Piazza San Marco 3, on the occasion of the FuoriSalone.

Read here the LCDC collection by Ginori 1735

The collection was signed by Luca Nichetto, who enjoyed depicting eight characters from Catherine's court, mixing the style of Jean-Paul Goud's illustrations, the masks of lucha libre and graffiti.

Thus the characters of the Amazon, the Lover, the Lady, the Literate, the Follower, the Favorite, the Friar and the Fire Attendant, surprise and are animated by colors and symbols that refer to the ingredients of the three fragrances created by Jean Niel, the oldest French perfume company founded in 1779.

The names are already very evocative: Orange Renaissance, Black Stone and Purple Hill. Three different fragrances declined in candles, incense and room diffusers that, thanks to the refills, never run out.

Thread? The slogan Light My Fire that binds the protagonists of the collection, characters who come from the past and who, according to Alan Prost, CEO of Ginori 1735, invite the rediscovery of values such as leadership, wisdom, friendship, generosity, passion , the grace. “A collection that is the result of different contaminations between fashion, design, cinema and furniture, with the aim of innovating while remaining true to themselves.