A new trend at FuoriSalone 2021: magazines linked to big brands are born

For those who do this job, when a new newspaper is born it is always good news and the fact that two of them were presented at FuoriSalone2021, linked to two prestigious design brands, already suggests a trend. From Our Point of View # 1, Edra's editorial project born in 2020 with the number 0 to tell the story and identity of this brand together with the protagonists of the world of architecture, art and lifestyle to GM magazine, newborn product (paper and digital) of the Giorgetti brand.

Take a look also at the Aldìa outdoor sofa, designed by Carlo Colombo for Giorgetti

“Making design is possible if there is a culture of design behind it explains Cristiana Colli, the editor of the magazine. “And the goal of this product, born within a company with 123 years of history, is to be a selective antenna, a place of encounter and exchange between visions and intuitions drawn and told. A great responsibility because today producing content and being able to be interesting and timely is very difficult. For this reason, the first issue must be considered the stage of a work in progress that will gradually welcome new collaborations around the core of the editorial staff.

Also in the editorial office is Francesca Molteni, who helped focus on some thematic sections, and who in the first issue zoomed in on Mantua, with the protagonists of architecture, culture and design, such as Stefano Baia Curioni. Also curious is the contribution of Cino Zucchi, who creates a parallel between architecture and pastry, and the interview with the journalist Guia Soncini.

“The events of this period have given us the opportunity to think and shape our route along paths that are not taken for granted. And the publication of a paper and digital magazine, for different latitudes and cultures, belongs to a broad vision of our mission concluded Giovanni del Vecchio, CEO of the Giorgetti Group during the presentation. A stimulating challenge. Will others pick it up?