Heineken has designed a sustainable event bar for FuoriSalone 2021. At Palazzo Serbelloni from 4 to 12 September, with DJ sets and talks on sustainability, the green future of Formula One and responsible drinking

Heineken arrives at FuoriSalone 2021 with the Greener Bar, a pop-up architecture that pragmatically demonstrates how to think places in an increasingly sustainable way (the project is by the Dutch Overtreders) that pragmatically demonstrates how to think about premises in an increasingly sustainable way. Starting with the design of the event bar which will be at Palazzo Serbelloni from 4 to 12 September.

Every evening a program of talks and debates starting at 6pm. The themes are sustainable design, Formula E, Formula 1 and their green future, and responsible drinking. The names confirmed at the moment are: Carlo Cracco, Nico Rosberg, Stefano Domenicali, Roberto Cavallo, Luca Travaglini, Alan Capelli, Umberto de Marco . And at 7pm, every day except September 10, a DJ Set Live to end the day in relaxation: on September 4 Andrea Zelletta, on 5 Lorenza Fedolfi, on 6, 8 and 12 Gisele De Assis, 7 Angelica D'Amore, 9 Cristina Lazic and 11 Petra Wilander.

Integrating ephemeral architecture into a historical context means leaving no trace. And the Overtreders project seems to have been made on purpose to appear to disappear, to exist the time of an event in this case the FuoriSalone and Heineken Italian Grand Prix 2021 and then to be easily dismissed. Nothing is left to chance. Starting with the materials, of course.

The wood used for the structural part comes from the maintenance of naturally fallen trees in the elm forest around the Heineken in Amsterdam. The planks are cut into standard sizes, so that they can be reused in the construction industry once they have been recovered. The back wall is built with WOBO bottles, which are also recyclable at the end of their life in the construction sector. The entire body of the bar is ballasted on the ground and stabilized by the weight of earth and plants, saving almost 8 thousand liters of water for each event.

Other design details: the counter, as well as other parts of the structure and furnishings, are made with plastic baskets normally used to transport beer. The roof, a semi-transparent bubble reminiscent of beer foam, is light and easily transportable and does not impede natural lighting. The containers are reusable, designed to accommodate and transport structural parts around the world.

Thanks to a partnership with Red Bull Advanced Technologies, a cooling technology designed for the motor industry is used and transferred to refrigerators that cool faster without increasing energy use. Everything, from staff uniforms to coasters produced with barley waste, is designed to reduce consumption, waste and carbon dioxide.

The entire event bar project is part of a global strategy that will lead to increasingly reducing the carbon footprint. In Italy, since 2010 Heineken has recorded a reduction in CO2 emissions of 60%, water savings of over 42% and the use of 100% electricity from renewable sources in production. Results that give impetus to the Brew a Better World 2030 program, the policy document that sets the brand's objectives in line with the UN agenda.

“The Heineken Greener Bar is the last step in our journey towards an increasingly sustainable business, from barley to bars”, confirms Bram Westenbrink, Global Head of the Dutch brand. “We are happy to have created a sustainable concept bar that can be used in any sponsorship event”.

To strengthen Heineken's commitment to green transition, a series of talks during the FuoriSalone, every day from 6.00 pm: updated schedule and access rules on the FB page @heinekenIT.