Today in streaming at 1830, the architect Carlo Ratti, Andrea Marsanich of Eni and the director of the Botanical Garden of Brera Martin Kater will talk about the Natural Capital project created by Carlo Ratti at the Botanical Garden for INTERNI Creative Connections

The meeting focuses on the themes of the Natural Capital installation created by Carlo Ratti with Eni at the Brera Botanical Garden and on the need to subvert the fate of a planet that man has abused for too long.

WATCH THE VIDEO (link active from 6:30 pm of 7 September)

For years, all of Carlo Ratti's research has been oriented towards these issues and the modalities of change in the design field. Starting from the relationship between man and nature, the recovery and enhancement of reusable organic materials in compounds to be used and experimented in many fields, architecture in the first place.

What will be the mantra of the future linked to the protection of the Earth is a process that Ratti has been pursuing for some time and that Eni is following with important environmental protection projects and which, as the Turin architect often repeats, "involves everyone": and everyone has the opportunity to take action, according to his abilities and skills, carrying out a battle that we cannot lose.

greetings Gilda Bojardi director of Intreni

Martin Kater director of the Brera Botanical Garden


Carlo Ratti Founder CRA - Carlo Ratti Associati

Andrea Marsanich responsible for Eni for environmental protection projects

Martin Kater, director of the Brera Botanical Garden

moderated by Danae Maniatis, Eni consultant expert in issues related to climate change and biodiversity