Jacopo Foggini tells us behind the scenes of his work for Edra presented at FuoriSalone 2021

Jacopo Foggini, born in Turin and in love with Milan, where he lives, is one of the artist-designers closest to the FuoriSalone, an event born right at the moment of his debut in design. Since then, it was the Nineties, Foggini has never stopped, collecting successes and awards in Italy and abroad with site-specific works, light sculptures and design products  for hotels, museums, public spaces and private residences, and he almost never missed an appointment with the FuoriSalone. For this reason, on the occasion of the presentation of his A'mare collection, we meet him in the Edra showroom, at Palazzo Durini.

Learn more here: Jacopo Foggini with Edra at FuoriSalone 2021


How was this new collection for Edra born?

After all, it is the continuation of a very happy collaboration that began with Massimo Morozzi and which, against all my expectations, has developed more and more over the years. The public has shown that they understand the value of having unique objects, with their preciousness, so two years ago we decided to approach an outdoor collection in compliance with this same philosophy.

Specifically, A’mare was born from a processing waste. A piece of methacrylate placed on the desk that caught the attention of Valerio Mazzei (the president of Edra, ed). From there we thought it was nice to use it in purity. So I started designing this new collection.

A collection that also stands out for its color ...

It's true: if you immerse these chairs in the water of a swimming pool, they practically disappear. Thanks to the particular point of turquoise with teal shades, even if each wand is different from the other, both in size and in color: each piece of the collection, therefore, is unique and precious, made with a very high level of attention and care. .

And the choice of name?

Well, it came out almost as a joke, as if it were the call of a boatman from Sorrento: "let's go ditch", we liked it and decided to keep it.

Was designing for the outdoors also a reaction and to the months of lockdown?

I was lucky because I passed the pandemic in Bobbio, in the countryside, therefore in close contact with nature. And of course this has contributed to making me reflect more on the value of the outdoors, an escape route but also an extension of the house, therefore a natural, regenerating but also welcoming and comfortable space.

There are those who define him as an artist, who as a designer, who as a craftsman: in which of these definitions do you recognize yourself?

I feel like an inventor who had the opportunity to be born in the midst of these materials, because of the work of my father, who worked in the field of the plastics industry, but also of the work of my mother, a sculptor who works with the lost wax technique, so I inherited a mix of slightly strange genes and a great passion for this material. But in the end, I let others define my work.