Netflix celebrates the release of the last season of "Money Heist" with an installation inspired by the atmosphere of the show and a collection of clothing that will be distributed free of charge through a series of "exclusive drops" during the event.

Netflix, Money Heist. Double Face Collection

Università degli Studi di Milano

The most talked about TV series are also the most divisive ones. This is why Netflix has decided to celebrate the release of the last season of Money Heist, one of the most beloved - but also contested - series of all time, thanking both the fans and the haters: opposite poles, of course, but that in fund are part of one large community. The one that contributed to the success of the show thanks to endless discussions and comparisons on social media. Thus was born the Double Face Collection, a collection of one-of-a-kind clothing items: they are in fact reversible and can be worn on the side that shows the world how much you love Money Heist ... or from what makes everyone know how much you hate it. The collection will be available free of charge at an installation inspired by the atmospheres of the show, reproducing the iconic paper model of the Banco de España that gives the series its name. Here, through a succession of exclusive drops that will take place during the entire event, fans and haters will be able to pick up an item of clothing from among those created in collaboration with internationally renowned illustrators, authors of original and exclusive works created specifically for the occasion.

About Netflix: Netflix is ​​the largest streaming entertainment service in the world, with over 209 million paying subscribers in over 190 countries watching TV series, documentaries and movies in a wide variety of genres and languages. Subscribers can watch anything they want anytime, anywhere and on any Internet-connected screen. They can pause and resume viewing at will, without commercial breaks and without commitment.