Today, at 18:30 in streaming, a discussion on the evolution of the concept of residential luxury, increasingly focused on personal well-being and small spaces. In collaboration with Axor Hansgrohe


The significant change in spaces that has taken place in these very recent years is a phenomenon that has involved all countries on a global level. The residential space from a regenerative place to live only a few hours of the day has turned into the topos par excellence where you spend most of your time. Private, professional, social. This has meant that the home has returned with overwhelming force to the center of design, creative and entrepreneurial interests and that design is questioning typological solutions that take into account the new needs of the individual and the epochal change taking place.

A new vision of luxury and comfort emerges which can be summarized in the "Compact Luxury" concept which tells of an important transformation that took place in living spaces. Where the private aspect of the domestic habitat is more privileged and there is an attempt to confer well-being and quality even to small rooms.

The motivation is also given by an important awareness of environmental issues and the need to rediscover the values ​​of the existence minimum. "The beauty lies in the little things" and in the ability to create harmony and well-being within even if limited spaces. In the need to make the private sphere interact with the social one, the desire for autonomy to the necessary interaction with others. Without forgetting, that now more than ever the service spaces must be rethought by combining eco-sustainability, energy saving and high functionality.

Guido Checchi, Managing Director of Hansgrohe Italia

Alfonso Femia, founder & CEO Atélier Alfonso Femia

Sergio Buttiglieri in charge of the communication of Sanlorenzo

with a contribution by Barber & Osgerby

Moderator: Patrizia Catalano