Tonight, at 6:30 pm on our website, considerations on the value of the cataloging carried out by the Renzo Piano Foundation on the work of the great architect with the authors of the short film La Forza dell'Archivio, film director Francesca Molteni and curators Lia Piano, Franco Origoni and Fulvio Irace

Italy is the country of great archives. Correspondence, documents, letters, drawings, maps, plans, projects and much more often collected in public and state archives, but also in museums, theaters, professional architects' studios, artist studios. Italy is a country that by virtue of its history, and its incredible cultural, artistic and landscape heritage, has meant that over the centuries, individuals felt the need to collect their work to leave testimony to those who would follow them. This heritage of great historical and artistic value needs to be preserved, digitized, and above all, disclosed and made accessible to scholars, researchers, interested public: an activity unfortunately still little supported by the Italian public system.

Archiving requires method, time and passion and the Renzo Piano Foundation, under the guidance of Lia Piano, has taken steps to bear witness to over half a century of activity of the great Italian architect. Architect and in the Renaissance sense of the term 'master', or the one who transmits knowledge. Through the work of the Foundation founded in 2004, the activity of the Genoese designer was collected and through a constant and extensive cataloging of documents, the edition of volumes bearing witness to the projects, and also with a video produced in 2019 will be handed down to posterity.

The meeting focuses in particular on the movie "The Strength of the Archive": thanks to the contribution of its curators, Lia Piano, head of the Foundation, prof. Fulvio Irace and director Francesca Molteni, represents a document that highlights the importance of giving life to an archive and maintaining it through multiple activities. A work of dedication for a collective heritage.

They participate

Lia Piano RPBW Renzo Piano Building Workshop (video presentation on the editorial activity of the studio)

Franco Origoni, architect, Origoni Steiner Architetti Associati

Fulvio Irace historian of architecture

Francesca Molteni director and author of the video

Moderated by Patrizia Catalano