Plastic recycling: a fundamental and complex theme, explained by sector experts in a Talk organized in partnership with Corepla and Guzzini, and part of the cycle of conferences Il Progetto del Cambiamento by INTERNI. Tonight at 6:30 pm online on our website
In an eco-sustainable development strategy and a system that focuses on the circular economy, everything that has been produced can become a resource.

Watch the video of the talk (online from 6:30 pm today)

On the other hand, everything that is produced today must be designed at 360 ° from birth to distribution, from use to end of life . And design changes status and from a 'linear system' is reformulated as a 'circular system', putting the regeneration of materials and objects at the center of the project. In this logic we cannot assert that there are good or bad materials: materials can be used at their best as long as they are recyclable. Plastic, the symbol par excellence of economic development, is certainly the material that more than any other lends itself to evolutionary transformations : it will accompany our near future in a logic of rethinking and highly sustainable use. Welcome Gilda Bojardi Interior Director Speeches by Vince Stroop, architect Giorgio Quagliuolo President Corepla Domenico Guzzini President of Fratelli Guzzini Luciano Galimberti President of ADI - Association for Industrial Design Enea Roveda Chief Executive Officer of Lifegate Roberto Giacomucci architect and designer Setsu and Shinobu Ito architects and designers Simone Spalvieri and Valentina Del Ciotto designer Pio and Tito Toso architects and designers Moderate Nicola Porro journalist The meeting was held in partnership with Corepla and Guzzini