With the installation Buio at FuoriSalone, Davide Groppi creates an exciting homage to the cultural universe that gave rise to his way of making light. An unmissable installation

At FuoriSalone 2021 many brands made anomalous, thoughtful choices, less devoted to the run-up of the showcase product that attracts the eye. And the installation Buio by Davide Groppi (in via Medici 13, at 5Vie) is a striking example of what happens when the finalized planning is suspended and you take the time to do research hands on.

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ABuio, Utopias of light is a successful attempt to make manifest a pause that served to look back to patiently observe one's own design roots. An installation made of darkness in which light becomes the protagonist, rediscovered by the designer-entrepreneur with new eyes - almost like a child - and told through a research path made of curiosity and expressive freedom.

The intent is to arouse awe and wonder. Not with the usual performance tricks but with the feeling of gratitude for those who have passed before us and are a reference for walking the paths of invention. Each of the seven works (the word project fits only partially) bears in fact the traces of the work of the musicians and artists who inhabit the cultural matrix of the designer and his brand. And many of us. John Cage's silence, Calder's acrobatics, Castiglioni's childish playfulness, Maurer's poetry.

They are all there, lined up, one after the other. To indicate the road traveled so far, and to remind us that the answers to the questions we struggle to ask ourselves in this first FuoriSalone post Covid will not come only from something we call a product. But “from possible and impossible future creations”.