Of all the Milanese districts of the Design Week, it is the most famous even outside the design community. Here's what we will see in the 2021 edition of the FuoriSalone in the Tortona area

What to see in the Tortona area during Design Week 2021 (read our opinions on this edition here)? The route follows the traditional lines traced by thousands of visitors over the last twenty years.

The events of FuoriSalone 2021 in the Tortona area are dominated by questions about the post-pandemic world – workplaces, hybridization of domestic spaces  and environmental emergencies. This year the itinerary expands to via Moncucco 35. Gisella Borioli, inventor of Superstudio Più, occupies another area of industrial archeology at the Barona and inaugurates Superstudio Maxi with the Design beyond design event.

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What to see at Superstudio Maxi in via Moncucco 35

The new Superstudio Maxi space promises to be different. Designed to accommodate events in the making, halfway between physical and digital, in the now familiar hybrid construction that qualifies the pandemic exhibit. The Design Beyond Design program is endless and the occasion seems ideal also to celebrate (and self-celebrate) Superstudio Più's twenty years of work in the Tortona area. The presentation of the book Design Super Show 2000/2021 is scheduled, which tells the story of the FuoriSalone starting from its first district.

In a nutshell: the project is divided into macro areas that occupy the entire design knowledge. From design to art, architecture, videomaking, photography. Starting from Video 1, Giovanni Gastel Unexpected works 1982/2020, the exhibition that celebrates the photographer's research works. Versante arte: Paperthinks by Daniele Papuli and his paper sculptures or design objects in contemporary with Scultografie, site specific exhibition at Assab One (via Privata Assab 1). Also noteworthy is a heteroclite presence: the long performance BodyInForm by the students of the DanceHaus by Susanna Beltrami. Finally, if at some point you are tired and you want to stop and rest, there will be a lounge area designed, among others, by Marcel Wanders and Paola Navone.

Why do we like it? Every time the FuoriSalone moves a few degrees or a few kilometers to other areas of the city, something interesting happens. And this is also a good opportunity to understand if locations can really change shape and function when it is necessary to evolve and create valid platforms for new design impulses.

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Hang. Seeding the future in via Tortona 21

A site specific installation that speaks of soilless crops. The project, part of the extensive program of Tortona Rocks, is by Daniele Fiori's studio, which investigates the integration between agriculture and architecture in the new residential spaces in the Milan office of the Building Group.

What to see from Hang? How to build an urban cultivation pole, capable of supporting the micro community of a Milanese building. There are those who say that this is one of the possible futures. It is certainly a way to have a salad from the garden without leaving the city center.

Why do we like it? It is that post apocalyptic air of the project that convinces. We are in full exploration of a world in the making and we feel the urgency of any imagination of the possible and the impossible. Hydroponic, hanging, soilless crops are part of the picture. And we all feel a little "hanging", plants with floating roots.

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We will design at Base in via Bergognone 34

The motto of the FuoriSalone 2021 in Base is “We will design”. The ambition of the largest cultural and social innovation space in Milan is to investigate the project by meeting different scales. From the atelier room, to the neighborhood to the entire planet. The task is faced with a program of events involving Poli.design, Ikea and ACNE, the creative collective of Deloitte.

What to see from Base? Temporary Home, the installation curated by Ikea from Casa Base, the guest house of the innovation hub in via Bergognone. The work of Parasite 2.0, the collective of Italian designers is now ten years old but the intention is always the same: make kin, not buildings. And the work of Cesura, another collective attentive to the social project, but on the photography side.

Why do we like it? A space in which to find alternative voices and an aptitude for discussion and confrontation animated by young people. Looking forward to truly seeing this cultural and social innovation hub acquire a truly disruptive role in the neighborhood and in the city.

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The other events in the Tortona area of FuoriSalone 2021: list being updated

  • Future Habit(at), the exhibit of Archiproduct in collaboration with Studio Salaris in Tortona Rocks, which has its epicenter at Opificio 31, in via Tortona 31. It also hosts The New Belgians - SaloneSatellite ‘extra muros’: at the center of the work of young designers of Belgium is Design research on materials and the use of production techniques to reduce waste.
  • Tortona Rocks also presents the video-editorial project Opificio 31. Agorà of the Milan Design Week. Consisting of 4 short documentaries, it sees the participation of art critic Nicolas Ballario, who will be followed by many other guests from the world of design and international creativity.
  • The Playful Home, the home of the PresentFuturo in via Savona 33, designed by the multidisciplinary team of The Playful Living and part of Tortona Rocks. The project of a house where the needs of adults and children coexist is rooted in the work of the Poli.design Master Kids & Toys.
  • Search for Light, installation by Nitto in via Tortona 32 which will offer a glimpse into the future with a luminous expression through a magical labyrinth designed by Kaoru Mende. As part of the In - Out perception of sustainability project of Tortona Design Week 2021 as Fuori di design (Out of design), a collective exhibition at the Materioteca, in via Tortona 26. The leitmotif of this year will be The Plastic Renaissance. And Tabula [non] rasa, installation by Studio.traccia, from Base in via Bergognone 26.
  • [Tunnel 29] – Design for a post-apocalyptic world at Superstudio Più's Superdesign Show 2021 in via Tortona 27. Divided into three sectors (housing, production and food), the exhibition organized by the Center for Creativity (CzK) / MAO in Ljubljana, Slovenia , Exhibits a selection of 30 products that predict our life in 20 or 30 years.
  • As part of R/evolution - Superdesign Show 2021 September - Special Edition, Medaarch presents the Mediterranea and Unique furniture and accessories collections that combine sustainable materials and 3D printing, design and algorithms, craftsmanship and digital technology, while in the art garden Outdoor Generation comes to life, a path dedicated to living outdoors, designed by the Basaglia + Rota Nodari studio, with the support of Donatella Bollani.
  • PandemicDesign. With asphalt scraps... by Luca Gnizio at Superstudio Maxi in via Moncucco 35: symbolic furnishings created with the recycling of industrial waste.


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