From Alcova to Baggio, to the new spaces in Certosa and even outside Milan, to Baranzate: the FuoriSalone broadens the design map and pushes the public to enter the suburbs and discover a different Milan

Also for FuoriSalone 2022, Alcova will be at Baggio. Last year it was one of the most visited locations, a sign that the design public loves new places, no matter if they are far or very far from the center. This is nothing new: the FuoriSalone has always brought the unknown spaces of the city to the fore. But now curators and organizers are daring more and more and seem to go further and further.

Suffice it to say that the Belgian collective Zaventem Atelier (made up of artists and designers) arrives at the former Necchi factory in Baranzate - therefore even in the province - along with a small number of select guests. And that Margriet Vollenberg, former founder of Ventura Project, will present together with Beyond Space, a collective exhibition in the Certosa area (Certosa Initiative).

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What the Design Week 2022 new districts will look like

Baranzate Ateliers

via Milano 251, Baranzate

This is the second time at FuoriSalone for Zaventem Ateliers. The occasion is the reopening of the former Necchi factory to the public. A jewel of industrial archeology and an important piece of the history of Italian design. In addition to the 21 artists, designers, set designers of the collective, there are some selected 'friends': Galerie Philia, Everyday Gallery, Modern Shapes, Ben Storms, Atelier Serruys, Mircea Anghel and Bela Silva.

The plus: Belgium is Design, the organization that each year selects the best of Belgian design for Milan's FuoriSalone (and for all the most important design events in the world ), will be partner of Zaventem Ateliers.

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Certosa Initiative

via Barnaba Oriani 27

Certosa District promises to become the location everyone is talking about during FuoriSalone 2022. So far Margriet Vollenberg, founder of Certosa Initiative together with the Dutch architecture firm Beyond Space, did not miss one.

From Ventura to Lambrate, up to the Central Station, it has brought unknown and remote neighborhoods to the map of the Milanese design week. Where an unknown and avant-garde design world has often landed.

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via Simone Saint Bon 2

Emerging talents, unpublished projects, international professionals united by an attitude in search of the new frontiers of the project. Curated by Valentina Ciuffi and Joseph Grima, Alcova is the right place to really understand what design means today on a global level.

Many products, with a preference for exploration of new types. Even more the installations, site specifics and experiments that cross over in every direction: social, philosophical, economic.

The relevant novelty, in addition to the opening of new parts of the urban park of Baggio, is the Curated by Alcova section. A platform to present the most interesting promises of design from the main schools across Europe.

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What to see in Alcova during Fuorisalone 2022: the selection of Interni

Water School

Studio Makkink & Bey

To see why: The Dutch duo invented a design path on the educational theme, basing all the work on the symbolic presence of water. Tailor-made workshops, solid experimentation in schools of all types and levels. An interesting view.

The plus: teaching and school are two hot topics and few talk about them.

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This is America

Aditions and Hello Human

Worth seeing because: Aditions is a design studio and Hello Human is a communications agency. Both have a vocation for racial and gender inclusiveness. This is America is their contribution to bring different voices to the Milan Design Week on the subject of US projects.

The plus: products little seen in Europe, which speak different visual languages and tell the very American world of communities.

Monumental Wonders


To see why: a collective of new pieces in natural stone commissioned by SolidNature to Studio OMA and the Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis. It will be an immersive experience in the Alcova Laundry building. It will also be a challenge to show the application possibilities of natural stones.

The plus: The ultra seductive work of Sabine Marcelis. A monolithic bath in pink onyx, to be admired like a sculpture.

Forite Tiles, Common Sands

Studio Plastique, Snoehetta and Fornace Brioni

To see why: Sometimes research on reuse or upcycle confuses ideas. It does not seem to arrive at concrete results in the development of a product. In this case it is not so: the three actors of the Common Sands research have come to the ground of a three-year research.

The plus: a virtuously collaborative project. Studio Plastique had the intuition and pursued the research, Snoehetta helped to give a concrete shape to the production possibilities and Fornace Brioni closed the circle.


Magic Color Machine

To see why: a small-scale version of an industrial process and an exploration of a production model. It answers the question: how to produce sensibly?

The plus: small-scale infrastructures to experiment independently without sacrificing process efficiency.

Other FuoriSalone 2022 events outside the area (list being updated):

  • Temenos

Baranzate Ateliers

With a large installation, Galerie Philia presents the first collection of collectible design by Studiopepe: pieces of sculptural design, made in a limited edition, including a set of monolithic chairs, a console, a mirror and a lamp.

  • In Alcova:

French Cliché

Ordinary objects redesigned by young artists and French creators for editors French Cliché.

Insectum, Kickie Chudikova

A lush jungle with V/R elements to explore the beauty of insects.

I never read

A collective of artists, authors and design thinks about book as a tool for artistic production.

Disrupted Stability

The result of a reflection on climate change, the collection of elements in wood of larch torn and burned created by Tipstudio with Studio F stages a post apocalyptic landscape.


A selection of cinerary urns made in limited edition and designed by artists, architects and designers, with the 'goal' of reconsider the concept of loss and absence.

Cover photo: Certosa Initiative, Fields, Marjan Veltkamp at Masterly, Milan 2019