During the FuoriSalone week, Azimut Yachts takes visitors to discover the city "seen from the water", with a floating installation designed by AMDL CIRCLE and Michele De Lucchi and inspired by the yachts of the Seadeck Series

From 17 to 23 April in Milan, Azimut Yachts will enliven the waters of the historic canal of Leonardo Da Vinci, in Milan, with the floating installation The Sea Deck, designed by AMDL CIRCLE and Michele De Lucchi and inspired by the yachts of the Seadeck Series.

A project designed to give visitors the opportunity to experience nature without barriers, a philosophy that has characterized Azimut Yachts' approach for some time now, and which is combined with a conscious approach to the issue of environmental sustainability.

Indeed, in the nautical sector Azimut has given life to the ideal 'return to nature by combining technological solutions designed to reduce the environmental impact with stylistic and design innovations aimed at breaking down the barriers between the outside and the inside.

One goal: to live in symbiosis with the sea.

The new Seadeck Series, the first hybrid series of motoryachts for the family, illustrates it well, which will achieve a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions in one year of average use compared to a traditional flybridge boat of similar dimensions.

These are all concepts that the visitor finds along the floating path designed for The sea deck: walking on the hexagonal pier in recycled cork, it is possible to observe the city from an unusual point of view and , also, unexpected.

A criterion that is reflected in the approach used to design the new series of Seadeck motoryachts, designed to revolutionize the way of experiencing the sea.

The Sea Deck by Azimut, which can be accessed from the Darsena quay through a pergola that recalls the architectural identity built over the years by AMDL CIRCLE for Azimut, reinterprets the aft terrace of the yachts of the same name series, the Fun Island, an open lounge from which you embrace the sea.

The installation then invites you to embark on a journey to discover the technologies developed by the shipyard to reduce the environmental impact: among the five interactive stages that you meet along the way, there are no shortage of references to solutions green that Azimut has designed to reduce CO2 emissions and the energy consumption of its boats: from the extensive use of carbon to lighten the boat to the innovative hybrid propulsion system Volvo, from solar panels powered by renewable energy to new, sustainable materials.

The scenographic effect is not missing: the proposed architecture, already intriguing in itself, becomes even more attractive in the evening, when the LED lighting recalls the emotion of the lights of the boats that vibrate on the water.

The installation created by Azimut based on a project by AMDL CIRCLE and Michele De Lucchi has the patronage of the Municipality of Milan for the values of sustainability and circularity according to which it was created.

The Seadeck Series, in fact, combines the technological solutions adopted with the use of natural, recycled and recyclable materials, the same ones found in the installation in the Darsena, in Milan.

For example, as on the yachts of the series the traditional teak is replaced by cork, an effective and more sustainable alternative, flooring created with 2 million bottle caps was also used for the installation in recycled and ground cork, which will then be transformed again into insulating material for architecture, in line with the desire to reduce the environmental impact of the products.

Collected by volunteers on behalf of the Cooperativa Arti e Mestieri di Cuneo, the corks, all coming from Italy, were treated by Amorim Cork, has long been involved in raising awareness of the crucial role that cork can play in the ecological balance of the world.