The new Contardi Lighting space opens in the light district during the 2023 design week. On display the installation Be Baggy! with the collection of Paola Navone - OTTO

The 'blu Navone' immediately catches the eye, inviting you to enter the new Contardi Lighting and is the backdrop for the installation created with the collection of Baggy lamps by the Paola NavoneOTTO studio.

Each lamp is made up of modules that look like crumpled paper tubes, in satin polycarbonate of different sizes.

The space, designed by Massimilano Raggi and conceived to tell the 'archi-decorative' vision of a brand that boasts international collaborations with groups such as Mandarin Oriental, Hilton, Hoxton, Shangri There, it opens onto three settings marked by as many colours.

The height of 5 meters accentuates the scenographic effect to accommodate large luminous sculptures, suspensions and revisited chandeliers.

From the Blue of the entrance - a stage in which installations signed by the designers who collaborate with the brand will alternate periodically - we move on to the sage green which acts as a backdrop for the suspension lamps by Servomuto .

From this space intended for meetings with customers, one enters the bright yellow of the third setting - slightly elevated - dedicated to the display of products which in rotation will cover the thematic selections of Contardi production: floor lamps, table lamps, appliques, suspensions, outdoors.

On the occasion of the Design Week, in addition to the Baggy by Paola Navone – OTTO, the Calypso lamps by Servomuto, the Kiki systems by Contardi Studio, Fly by Massimiliano Raggi, Bianca by Dainelli Studio, Clara by Caberlon Caroppi and Stick by Studio Pepe.

Clara is the rechargeable battery lamp-lantern by Caberlon Caroppi in collaboration with Marco Forbicioni. A ring located at the top serves as a hook for hanging or moving. The battery body of the lantern, once removed from its position, can also become a lamp to hang wherever you prefer.

Fly by Massimiliano Raggi is a graphic sign which, when turned on, disappears, revealing only the presence of light. The double-sided profile allows you to direct the light and emphasize it according to the cut.

Available in wall, table and suspension versions Kiki by Contardi Studio is modular. Thanks to the tone-on-tone fabric cable, or in contrast with the structure, it creates creative compositions on walls.

Inspired by the most essential polygon, the Stick lamps by Studio Pepe start from a basic module with a triangular section which allows for infinite configurations. In Stick floor the light spreads through a diffuser with a ribbed glass effect, contained within a metal extrusion in the satin copper and golden nickel finishes.