A guide to enjoy the Milan Design Week to the fullest with the little ones: between playful installations and places to feel at home

There is no FuoriSalone where the vaguely anguished question does not arise: is there something suitable for children on the programme? The answer for those who know a little about design is obvious: practically everything.

Children like design, they understand it intuitively and, in general, they are also good self-taught designers.

However, it is true that some events are more fun than others, some are suitable for younger children and others for kids. Here is a mini guide for families, a reasoned and fun itinerary for adults and children.

Fa balà i mann, Achille Castiglioni Foundation, piazza Castello 27

The top: an exhibition where not only can but must touch everything.

At the Fondazione Castiglioni, in fact, the focus is on hand gestures: grasping, grabbing, lifting, turning. Achille Castiglioni designed objects that invited to be touched and manipulated. Something that happens less and less today: people often draw to show and not to use.

The set-up is ideal for children: a series of black fabric bells in which to put your hands and discover by touch the functions and use of small mechanisms, parts of objects, switches.

A Montessorian exercise suitable for adults and children. In addition, it could be a good opportunity to say goodbye to what was the studio of Achille Castiglioni for forty years: the Foundation has been evicted.

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Walk the Talk, Eni Space, Brera Botanical Garden

Here we play! Like last year with Feeling the energy, the two architects focus on an installation that is a playground designed for children and adults together.

This year the theme is urban mobility in a sustainable key to stimulate reflection on what it means to put man at the center of urban space (and not cars).

A path of 400 interactive boxes that transform the garden with light and sound effects into a living environment, to be explored during the day or in the evening, when the energy stored in the boxes is released in a show of lights and colors.

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The new Museum of Italian Design at the Triennale, viale Alemagna 8

An ideal kids-friendly tour necessarily passes through the Triennale, because the Museum of Design, renovated and opened a few days ago, is a path made up of objects that everyone likes, even to the children.

From armchairs to hug (not literally) like the Up by B&B Italia, to the sixteenth century, the museum is the perfect place to show children that objects can have so much personality. And entertain, get people talking, tell stories.

The ziggurat that closes the path, with its designed chaos, typical of the 80s and 90s, is a must that will be loved. The game to play? Have fun finding bizarre shapes and pop colors.

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INTERNI Design Re-Evolution, University of Via Festa del Perdono

The Interni event is a fixed appointment for families during the FuoriSalone weekend.

Because in the courtyards of the University you can walk freely, because at every step there is something to see.

Not to be missed with The amazing playground puppets, the installation by Stefano Boeri for Amazon in the Cortile della Farmacia. And then The Synesthetic Swirl by Odile Decq Studio for Whirlpool, an experience to discover the sixth sense: intuition.

Finally, the scenographic installation by Piero Lissoni for Sanlorenzo: The Impossible Machine.

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The Manufacture, Casa Manzoni, via Gerolamo Morone 1

This will appeal to parents but even the little ones will be delighted by the sight of the ancient rooms and the journey into the past they allow. In fact, on the occasion of the La Manifacture event, wild plants and wild flowers invade the ground floor of Casa Manzoni, enveloped in ethereal sounds of the harp of Mary Lattimore, one of the most interesting artists of the contemporary classical music scene, mixed with the voice of the actress and performer Elena Rivoltini which brings to the stage some passages from the Promessi Sposi, helping to recall the mysterious and suspended atmospheres of the Lombard rural landscape described by Manzoni.

A further reference to the text and to Italian gastronomic culture is the sweet welcome that welcomes guests: bread accompanied by chocolate, an inevitable French touch.

Don't miss the three new pieces by Sebastian Herkner, one of the most interesting designers of the moment.

The mad turner, Alessi, via Manzoni 41

Inside Palazzo Borromeo d'Adda the collections of one of the most loved brands in the world and a novelty: The mad turner.

A new entrepreneurial adventure by Alberto Alessi and the designer Giulio Iacchetti which is also a return to the origins of the company. A series of containers - fruit bowls, centrepieces, vases, bread bins… - designed by great masters of contemporary design: Naoto Fukasawa, Michael Anastassiades, Paolo Ulian and Andrea Branzi, to name a few.

The interesting part is the great expressive freedom combined with the happy adherence to the rules of the artisan laboratory.

Hand-turned objects starting from a metal plate, to really understand how the designer/company/manufacturing chain is simplified when one voluntarily steps back to basics.

Light floating reflection, Ingo Maurer, Porta Nuova toll booths 11-12, piazzale Principessa Clotilde

Ingo Maurer was a designer synonymous with play, technology, irony and poetry. His brand returns to Milan after a few years of absence thanks to Foscarini </ strong>, which acquired the brand in 2019.

Great surprise for this scenographic, colourful, monumental installation, beautiful by day as by night.

A suspended floating sheet reflects the colors of the walkway below thanks to a phantasmagorical light design project conceived ad hoc for the Caselli.

Inside, in a sequence of apparently disused rooms, the collection of the slightly mad designers of the brand, who decisively pursue the path indicated by the master.

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