We tell you about the appreciated Korean craft exhibition organized by the Korea Craft & Design Foundation in the spaces of the Feltrinelli Foundation, during the FuoriSalone 2023

At the end of FuoriSalone 2023, we can say with certainty that one of the strongest emotions was the possibility of returning to interacting with all areas of the world, in a single city: visitors, planners and initiatives, this year, no longer responded to the by now familiar subdivision between the 'still closed' regions and those, on the contrary, already free to travel.

Thus, the exchange, the real and enlightening one, is once again the protagonist of the Milanese event.

Among the most appreciated initiatives, in this sense, there is the exhibition that Korea Craft & Design Foundation organized for the Milan Design Week: with the artistic direction of Byungjun Koo, in fact, Korean craftsmanship told through the interpretations of 20 artists was staged at the Foundation Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, from 17 to 23 April 2023.

An exhibition designed with the aim of repositioning and raising the perception of Korean craftsmanship in the world, while simultaneously creating opportunities for expansion and growth for the twenty local creatives who have joined the exhibition.

The works on display, 63 in all, were a mixture of materials and colors. Ceramics, metal, wood, glass, lacquer and painting with antique objects such as irons, have been chosen as belonging to tradition, and reinterpreted in a contemporary key, also through innovative techniques.

The exhibition was organized according to the identification of ten macro thematic containers - 10 ways of reading Korean craftsmanship - which united the artists, in pairs.

In particular, the ten categories were:

Seeking Life

A filter that connects the harmonious way of living with nature and the craftsman. A combination that has given life to projects, philosophies and ideas born from the use of the medium called 'the earth'. Because, as the organizers quote: "The moment nature and life merge, the essence is revealed".

Joined: Kwangcho Yoon with Mountain moves, Kwangwoo Kim with Empty stone

Fragment Mesh

A creative and conceptual challenge that translates into the creation of an aesthetically beautiful object with a fascinating three-dimensionality, starting from tiny intertwined fragments.

Joined: Heechan Kim with Untitled #15, Boram Choi with Warm breeze

Linking Matters

He told how the process of connecting and shaping concepts and invisible elements such as thoughts, materials, ideas and concepts generates an energy that promotes transition and subversion.

Joined: Hyunseok Sim with Ceramics with horizontal history series - Bottle x4, Junmyeong Kim with Trace

Fluid Dimensions

It has given artists the opportunity to explore the transformation of matter, testing its flexibility and infinite versatility of form.

Joined: Kwangho Lee with Shape of a river series, Hyemi Lee with Ancient series-sphere

Facade Revelation

An invitation to enjoy the different surfaces of an object. The creations owe their beauty and charm, also, for example, to the delicate polishing with which they are presented.

Joined: Kapsun Hwang with Vase sw23-33/2, Sungyoul Park with Ottchil najeon ruler series

Pause (Pause)

He invited us to reflect on the 'momentary aesthetic', the one captured by the balance of a simple 'opportune moment'

Joined: Seokyeong Kang with Untitled, Junghoon Jung with Kairos 23-1

Singular beauty

Works that tell of an unusual beauty and the celestial proportions of objects without a single common decoration.

Joined: Bohyung Koh with (L)Tombak picher, (M,R)Curved wall candle stick series, Suhui Kim with Breathe

Structural Mergence

Thanks to this thematic container, the two artists reasoned on the links. Starting from connections between past and future, tradition and innovation; up to the ties of perspectives. But, also, real structural conjunctions.

Joined: Yoonkwan Kim with Sabangtakja “YEON” - 01, Shinryeong Kim with O.S. No1

Flare Remnants

He encouraged us to recognize the depth created by fire in a creation and to read it as the depth of human life. In fact, the act of burning represents a phase of creation, not of extinction.

Joined: Yeongjo Kim with Wing, Soco Bang with Pattern of sun & moon series


The last category told the passage of time and the elements that characterize it in its different phases. The artists worked by applying them to the contemporary through a specific sculptural language and method, giving life to a sense of "time without borders".

Joined: Sungho Cho with Stacking of time 01, Jaeha Lee with Boolean series