From Ingo Maurer's play-lamps to Slamp's maxi luminous architecture that pays homage to Zaha Hadid, the new proposals chosen for you, to be seen at the fair and in the city during the design week

Milan how you shine. During the design week, the streets of the city light up with scenographic and surprising installations and light projects.

And at the fair, in Rho, where the 61st edition of the Salone del mobile takes place from 18 to 23 April, the spotlights are on Euroluce, the lighting biennial, which this year surprises the public with great innovations, starting with the totally renewed layout by Lombardini22 and the numerous exhibitions revolving around the theme of light curated by Beppe Finessi.

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Here are the new lighting proposals, to be seen at the fair and in the city, selected for you. Lamps that combine the functional aspect, i.e. that of illuminating punctually and efficiently, with an emotional character, are charged with meaning, become bearers of stories, and like sculptures with iridescent glare they bring a pinch of magic and illuminate dark times.

The numbers of the lighting sector

There are 1,360 companies, with around 10,900 employees, the real, great protagonists of the Italian lighting sector.

A sector which, according to data from the FederlegnoArredo study centre, after the heavy decline in 2020, determined in particular by the sector's strong dependence on foreign markets, will return to pre-pandemic levels in 2021 to then grow in 2022, recording an increase in turnover of +7.2%, equal to approximately 2.5 billion euros.

Modest, +1.6%, the growth of the domestic market (575 million) while exports - which represent 77% of turnover - recorded an increase of 9% for a value of over 1.8 billion euros.

France is in first place among the most important markets for Italy (sales for 220 million euros, +6.5%), followed by Germany (210 million, +2.5 %) and from the United States (about 143 million euros with the most significant change of all the main destinations, +27.1%).

China jumps into the top 10 of the most important countries for exports from Italy, with sales of 42 million euros and a trend of +15.9%. Russia, as expected, drops from seventh position in 2021 to 13th (-30%).


Artemide showroom, Corso Monforte 19
State University, via Festa del Pardon 7
Euroluce, hall 11, stand 114
Competence Centre, via Canova 34

Artemide illuminates Milan in several points: in via Canova 34 it presents the architectural and outdoor collection; in the showroom, in Corso Monforte 19, and at Euroluce, the biennial Salone del Mobile dedicated to lighting, the (many) novelties, including the new collections designed by Mario Cucinella, BIG - Bjarke Ingels Group, Herzog & de Meuron and Foster+Partners. Furthermore, the company led by Carlotta de Bevilacqua will also be at the Statale with Discover(y) Light(n)ing, Mario Cucinella's exhibition dedicated to Discovery, the Compasso d'Oro lamp by (the great) Ernesto Gismondi, the founder of Artemis disappeared in 2020.


Foscarini Spazio Monforte, corso Monforte 19
Euroluce, hall 11, stand 106

At the fair, at Euroluce, and in Corso Monforte 19, in a showroom transformed by Ferruccio Laviani into a wild garden, Foscarini presents light projects that carry meaning, where the illuminating and narrative functions go hand in hand step.

An example is Fregio, a section of a floral bas-relief that becomes a suspension and wall lamp. The project stems from the evolution of the Battiti research of 2022, during which Andrea Anastasio got his hands on the historical works of the Gatti bottega, dismembering them and then reassembling them with strips of light.

With Fregio, Foscarini explores a different material, namely ceramics: "Fregio is the result of research on the relationship between light and volume and, in particular, on how the bas-relief depends on the way the light touches the surface of the material”, says Anastasio.

“The frieze is the part of the entablature located between the architrave and the cornice and is often what remains of complex architectures, bearing witness to very articulated past narratives”.

Ingo Maurer

Porta Nuova toll booths 11-12 in Piazzale Principessa Clotilde
Euroluce, pavilion 11, stand 208

Great return, that of Ingo Maurer in Milan, after the death of its founder, in 2019.

The Munich-based brand surprises the public with the majestic installation at Porta Nuova toll booths 11-12, and presents its new products both inside the toll booths and at the fair.

Among the new projects, which combine magic, technology, poetry, irony and experimentation, there is pic-a-stic, a lamp-game made up of many wooden sticks, to be arranged freely, transversely or parallelly, around the central luminous body , supported by a black rubber elastic ring.

"At Ingo Maurer we are always on the lookout for creative ideas and projects with an extraordinary character, to develop new one-of-a-kind or series-produced pieces," says Axel Schmid, Head of Design. "Our collections, always the result of teamwork, arise from the constant and free creative exploration of the internal design team as well as from discussions with independent designers".


Luceplan showroom, corso Monforte 7
Euroluce: hall 11, stand 102

Luceplan explores the concept of modularity and transversality of composition. Lighting systems come to life, families of lights that come in various shapes and respond to different functions.

An example is Alibel by Alessandro Zambelli, whose shape refers to the image of an insect that rests on a body of water creating circles concentric.

A project that initiates Luceplan's new research into the development of track lighting projects, usually associated with a more technical environment, and reinterpreted in a decorative key in this collection.

The lighting body, in die-cast aluminum, hooks onto the track with a simple gesture, is equipped with a ball joint that allows you to direct the light beam and can also be equipped with a thin stem that distances it from the rail by bringing it closer to the work surface.


via Durini 5
Euroluce: hall 9, stand 102

Like a suspended flower: it is Campanula, the new collection by the couple Garcia Cumini for Barovier&Toso, a suspension that reinterprets l glass art of the historic Murano company.

Not the classic chandelier with arms, but a contemporary modular lamp capable of evolving through the addition of levels, layers and colors, to give life to eight different versions, but originating from the same inspiration.

The ideal composition? Many lights together to form a bouquet with spring shades and iridescent reflections, a magnetic luminous effect, thanks to the Venetian crystal, which now filters, now amplifies the beam of light.

Martinelli Luce

Euroluce, hall 13, stand 118

Among the novelties from Martinelli Luce is Wand by Bellucci Mazzoni Progetti, a portable table lamp suitable for both for both indoor and outdoor environments.

A transparent Plexiglas lamp that supports the light source, which thus appears to float in the air. Wand continues the trend of battery-powered wireless lights, it moves easily in space, between inside and outside, to follow and illuminate our moments.


Euroluce, hall 15, stand 135

Renewed in the layout, Euroluce opens up to more technical realities, which offer solutions that are often not visible but are the basis of the functioning and customization of complex lighting compositions.

Like the XT platform by Vimar for managing the domotic home, including lighting, without having to do masonry work, allowing for  made-to-measure lighting solutions that can be changed over time, as needed of daily life.

The plus: the set-up is designed by Luciano Galimberti and Valentina Fisichella, Alessandro Colombo and Paola Garbuglio, with an interactive installation on the video wall by Ex Anima.

Be careful

Villa Necchi Campiglio, via Mozart 14

Occhio, the Munich lighting brand founded in 1999 by Axel Meise, chooses the scenographic setting of Villa Necchi Campiglio to present its new products.

Illuminating the exteriors of the evocative 1930s residence designed by Piero Portaluppi is Luna, the new series of lamps by Occhio formed by a sphere of glass that incorporates the light source, which thanks to studied optics releases a suggestive lighting like the glow of the moon.

Nemo lighting

installation in via Borgonuovo 19
News in the showroom, corso Monforte 19/A

In the Corso Monforte showroom, Nemo lighting presents its new products, including the Cabanon lamp, a 1952 project by Le Corbusier that has remained unpublished until now: a war relic, a bullet of mortar, found on French beaches, which the architect transforms into the base for the lampshade made with tracing paper, a lamp of which there are numerous sketches and projects, and which for the first time sees the light, which represents a moment of rebirth after the war.

In addition to the products, Enlightenment deserves a mention, the installation by Ron Gilad, from 14 to 22 April in via Borgonuovo 19: "It offers a dynamic experience resulting from a dialogue between light, object and performer", says the designer who lives between Milan and Tel Aviv.

On display, unpublished works and installations that arouse amazement and invite interaction, unhinging the idea we have of lighting and relocating the lamps, the true protagonists of this divertissement, in an ironic and provocative dimension.

“The goal is to playfully subvert our everyday perceptions of light, shape and space, using movement, time and irony, in order to challenge our preconceptions and open up new ways of seeing bright objects.

The installation embraces the unexpected and the delightful. The individual scenes of which it is composed are explorations of the manipulation and movement of light as a medium and raw material that defines space, creates atmosphere and evokes emotions.

Through the use of various techniques, such as reflection, refraction, diffusion, colour, sound and video, the behavior of light is choreographed and manipulated, questioning the relationship between the light source and the space it occupies ”.

Contardi Lighting

Contardi Lighting showroom, Corso Monforte 20
Euroluce: hall 9, stand 202

Irregular-looking satin polycarbonate 'tubes' that look like crumpled paper, supported by textile cords. It is Baggy, the new collection of lamps by Paola Navone for Contardi Lighting.

A novelty that will be presented at the fair, and in the new showroom in Corso Monforte 20 in the installation Be Baggy!, an invitation to live life in a light, playful and free way.


Blindarte space, via Palermo 11

iGuzzini presents the Living Vibes collection, with an installation designed by Stefano Boeri Interiors under the lighting direction of < strong>Artec Studio, in a charming 17th-century building that was once a museum, an artistic-cultural center and today the Milanese headquarters of the Blindarte auction house, in the Brera district.

“The installation is a skin, a metal membrane, which plays with the light projected on the walls, creating different landscapes and an immersive environment with continuous lighting variations.

An exhibition project designed to accompany iGuzzini in its choice to return to dealing with light also as an architectural-decorative element, as well as a technical one”, declares architect Stefano Boeri .

With the Living Vibes collection, the Recanati-based company brings professional lighting design into living and hospitality spaces, to improve human well-being, visual comfort and the perception of environments, and to give life to countless scenographies lights interacting with the architecture and with those who live in it.


Euroluce, hall 9, stand 114
Slamp Milan Cathedral, via Larga 2

It was 2013 when Zaha Hadid designed for Slamp Aria.

Ten years later, the lighting brand pays tribute to the famous architect with Aria Infinita, a luminous, majestic architecture with sinuous lines in which the original and unmistakable style of Zaha Hadid.

The result is a large sine wave, with plates made and assembled by hand, in white and gold. A modular system which, starting from a minimum extension of 3 meters, can be ideally replicated indefinitely, thus also responding to the needs of large-sized environments, both domestic and linked to the contract world .

"The partnership with Zaha Hadid was born from a brilliant intuition of Nigel Coates who, at the time art director of Slamp and friend of the architect, invited her to imagine a project for us", says Luca Mazza , general manager of the brand.

“This meeting marked a very important moment for us, consolidating the dialogue with the world of the most visionary contemporary architecture. Aria Infinita is our way of paying homage to the revolutionary figure of Zaha, to his charisma, to his ability to look at things in such a radical way ”.


Euroluce, hall 9, stand 118
Auralis Space, via San Damiano 2

Six elements that can be combined as desired, like precious pearls delicately strung along a necklace of light with suffused transparency. It is Gems, the new family of lamps designed by Francesca Lanzavecchia for Penta.

Little bright 'jewels' beautiful alone or to compose in clusters, combining different lampshades to give life to iridescence and iridescent flashes.

Marco Piva's alien for Venini

hall 13, booth 220
Venini showroom, via Monte Napoleone 10

A small mysterious creature, a table lamp with a rechargeable battery, with an extraterrestrial allure: it is Alien by Venini, designed by Marco Piva, art director since January 2023 of the historic company with a furnace in Murano.

A lamp with a sculptural and carefree silhouette, made by the skilled hands of master glassmakers, in colored and back-painted borosilicate glass.

The result is a light that is released into the space in a dynamic vibration, thanks to the shapes of the glass that reflect the brightness, emphasizing its effects and spreading it spectacularly.