The concept of the great exhibition-event curated by Interni for the FuoriSalone 2023, from 17 to 26 April: the principles, ideas and considerations that inspire architects, designers and companies for installations

On the occasion of FuoriSalone 2023, the great exhibition event of Interni is back, created together with a parterre of architects and designers of international renown in collaboration with the most innovative companies focused on sustainability issues.

The dates to be noted are April 17 to 26 when dozens of installations will set up the spaces of the 6 locations that the exhibition-event will occupy this year:

Interni Design Re-Evolution will occupy 6 locations in the city:

  • 17-26.04 University of Milan via Festa del Perdono 7
  • 17-26.04 Brera Botanical Garden, ENI Space, via Fiori Oscuri 4
  • 17-23.04 Audi House of Progress, Portrait Milano, corso Venezia 11
  • 17.04-1.05 Eataly Milano Smeraldo, Piazza XXV Aprile 10
  • 17-23-04 Urban Up | Unipol, De Castillia 23, via De Castillia 23
  • 17-26.04 Torre Velasca, Piazza Velasca 3/5, digital installation

See all installations here

The concept of the Interni exhibition-event at FuoriSalone 2023

INTERNI DESIGN RE-EVOLUTION proposes a choral and multi-disciplinary reflection on the role of Evolutionary Thought as a tool for designing known and unknown, physical and digital, contemporary and future territories.

  • The Design Re-Evolution is a revolution – because it aims at the redevelopment of the territory, of the objects that inhabit it, of the materials with which they are made and of the energies used to create them. But it is also evolution – because it develops through the synergy between different knowledge, stimulating virtuous contaminations between people, businesses, institutions and, of course, citizens.
  • Design Re-Evolution is also a process: a way of conceiving, producing and sharing ideas to arrive at a new configuration of the spaces in our lives.
  • Design Re-Evolution deals with the home, but understood as a "mirror of the soul" (Mario Praz).

An environment linked to a succession of spaces that welcome objects, artifacts, furnishings and icons, memories settled over the course of life, but also capable of transforming themselves into a widespread, nomadic, extemporaneous, contemporary idea of living. Because everyone can "be at home everywhere" (Ugo La Pietra, 1966).

A survey of territories that escape our knowledge

The Design Re-Evolution however, also investigates territories that still escape our knowledge, from the Metaverse to the farthest Universe. Because it is precisely in this area of creativity, where it is easy to feel out of our comfort zone, that the aptitude for empathy typical of Design becomes a tool for developing that imaginative strength and that ability to interpret human feelings which, combined with a solid professionalism and project ethics, allow us to understand, conceive and experience the evolution of our planet.

In a dense cloud of spectacular scientific discoveries and ingenious technologies, INTERNI DESIGN RE-EVOLUTION calls designers, architects and companies to contribute to the construction of new landscapes to promote:

  • a new, positive interaction between human beings and the environment;
  • the action of doing in a profound dialectical relationship with nature;
  • the achievement of happiness, a fundamental factor, closely linked to the human and social context with which it is confronted on a daily basis.

The names of the participating architects and companies will be announced shortly.

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