From Future impact by Tony Chambers and Maria Cristina Didero to Abrakadabra, the exhibition on the magic of glass (with John Pawson, Tom Dixon and Elena Salmistraro, to name a few), the appointments of the new Porta Venezia district at Design Week 2023 selected for you

45°28'27.77''N 9° 12'18.04''E. These are the coordinates for geolocating the new district, or rather The other district, of the Milanese FuoriSalone circuit.

We are talking about the Porta Venezia Design District, which from 17 to 23 April offers a other and more extensive vision of design, reflecting the socio-cultural stratification that characterizes the Porta Venezia district.

The nerve center and headquarters of the new Porta Venezia Design District will be the Meet Digital Culture Center (viale Vittorio Veneto 2), the first international center for digital art and culture born in Milan with the support of Fondazione Cariplo, founded and directed by Maria Grazia Mattei.

More than 30 protagonists, as designers or curators, protagonists of the new district, from Maria Cristina Didero and Tony Chambers to Tom Dixon, from John Pawson to Elena Salmistraro, from Bethan Laura Wood to Studiopepe, just to name a few.

The Porta Venezia Design District is born

"Porta Venezia Design District was born with the desire to enhance and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of an area of Milan through the contemporary language of design", says Marco Samorì , creative direction team Mktg&Comms Porta Venezia Design District.

“We studied the Milan area and identified Porta Venezia as a fertile territory, where we can structure innovative projects.

The presence of the Meet Digital Culture Center and the urban redevelopment projects which, in 2026, will see this area of the city as protagonists, the Mnad, the National Museum of Digital Art, and the Loc, Loreto Open Community, also allow us to look ahead by embarking on a growth path that looks to the future.

Our goal, in this year zero, is to create value by actively involving local communities, developing planning that does not end only with the FuoriSalone".

What to see at the Porta Venezia Design District for FuoriSalone 2023: the events not to be missed

Everything (2021)

A pressing tripartite audio-video sequence in 12 and a half minutes portrays reality as it appears, and questions our ability to understand and decode the daily routine, suggesting new possible interpretations.

It is Everything (2021) by the Turkish studio Nohlab, presented by the Meet Digital Culture Center with the digital art museum Mnad strong>, in collaboration with Filmmaster Events (at the Meet, viale Vittorio Veneto 2, from 17 to 23 April).

Future impact

Curated by Tony Chambers and Maria Cristina Didero, Future impact (April 18 to 23, West Bastion, former casa del pane) in a shared laboratory of innovation invites six of Singapore's best-known designers to propose solutions for building a better future, answering some of the questions of our age: what impact will new technologies have, including acceleration tools such as 'artificial intelligence? How will the profession of the designer and of companies change? How will we deal with the problems caused by climate change?

The six studios involved are: Forest&Whale, Nathan Yong, Tiffany Loy, Gabriel Tan, Viewport Studio and Studio Juju.

Where does design go?

Where is design going? is the question that gives the title to the exhibition of the fashion and design institute Raffles Milano (via Felice Casati 16, from 17 to 23 April) which investigates the various fields in which design is applied today, from products to services, passing through the management and organization of companies.

The event at Raffles Milan is an extension of the exhibition of the same name at the SaloneSatellite.

Open House, a new and open way of living

During the pandemic, the importance of the domestic dimension was rediscovered and many have decided to invest in their homes, improving their comfort and efficiency.

Leroy Merlin, in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milan, photographs the new way of experiencing the home in the Open House installation em>, a new and open way of living (Casa Nervesa, via Giuseppe Sirtori 26, from 18 to 23 April).

On display three home ideas, created by the architect Maria Anna Tumminello, with the interior design course of the Milan Polytechnic: the first structure it is a real open house that opens onto the greenery; the second is an inverted structure that symbolizes the house that adapts to people's needs, while the third expresses the concept of well-being and energy efficiency.

A life extraordinary

After the success of last year, Moooi is back with A life extraordinary (Salone dei Tessuti, via San Gregorio 29, from 18 to 22 April), an environment that hybridizes real and digital, technology and human interaction.

An example? The customisable room fragrance, created using artificial intelligence, in partnership with EveryHuman.

Instead with Lg, Moooi presents the new projects by Ideo, Nika Zupanc and Andrés Reisinger that explore the introduction of technology into the domestic dimension.


The cast glass of John Pawson and Tom Dixon, the molten glass of Elena Salmistraro, the molded blown glass of Dan strong> Yeffet, the ancient filigree technique for the shell of floating light by Studiopluz, the colored glass tapestries by Elisa Ossino and the triptych created with suspended drops by Paul Cocksedge.

It is the group exhibition Abrakadabra, in the evocative and nineteenth-century spaces of the Istituto dei Ciechi, (via Vivaio 7, from 18 to 22 April), of WonderGlass, a family business born from passion of Maurizio and Christian Mussati for glass and the Venetian tradition.

A dreamy exhibition itinerary, conceived with the artistic consultancy of Jean Blanchaert, who explores the versatility of glass amidst plays of light, shades and transparencies, and recounts the age-old techniques of glass masters, capable of giving life to wonderful and unique creations.

Cara\Davide x Park Associati

Among the addresses not to be missed in the new Porta Venezia district is the Park Hub, a free, open space of contamination opened by the architects of Park Associati in 2017, in via Benvenuto Garofalo 31.

“On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2023, we will present Estetiche Sommerse - Unveiling hidden beauty, an installation by the multidisciplinary design studio Cara\Davide with the production supervision of Park Associati, created thanks to the collaboration of Fantini Mosaici", say Filippo Pagliani and Michele Rossi, founders of the studio.

"The installation will consist of flooring and a collection of tables and chairs made from production objects discarded for technical reasons and recovered by the designers without aesthetic prejudices".

Living Choices - being and inhabiting change

The project by Remigio Architects entitled Living Choices - being and inhabiting change speaks of social and green design.

A series of installations, created in collaboration with both established and emerging associations, artists, architects and designers, with talks and meetings, show how design can break down social barriers and stimulate choices for a better, inclusive and fair world (from 17 to 23 April, via Plinio 73/via Righi 1).