From Sara Ricciardi's human mandala to the tables of Alessandro Guerriero, founder of Alchimia, up to the social projects that tell the story of forgotten children. Our selection of the 5Vie appointments at Design Week 2023

Can design take care? Can it help us find that humanity that seems lost in an era of global upheaval?

This is where the search for 5Vie starts, the FuoriSalone district of Milan that returns, from 17 to 23 April, with the 5Vie Design Week 2023 in the historic center between Corso Magenta, Sant'Ambrogio and the Columns of San Lorenzo.

The event, now in its tenth edition, has the title Design for good, design for the common good, a theme told through the (exciting) proposals on display, including design designer and collector's items, high craftsmanship and contaminations between design, art and new forms of expression.

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5Vie Design Week 2023: Design for good

The title of 5Vie Design Week 2023 is Design for good, an invitation to look at design as a tool oriented towards a common good, to create and cultivate human connections.

Among the topics addressed are spirituality, the bond with nature, the relationship with one's historical roots, the drama of incommunicability and the ability to find a common and universal language.

Design can break down every wall, every frontier, it can build a bridge to bring human beings closer together, beyond any diversity. A powerful and hopeful message, in an era in which territorial borders are being illegally invaded, triggering seemingly endless conflicts.

What to see during 5Vie Design Week for FuoriSalone 2023: the events not to be missed

On∙entropy and Maria Cristina Didero talk about the marble and craftsmanship of Tinos

In the centre, a marble altar-table, surrounded by lights, shadows, incense, relics, historical photos, videos.

It is A future for the past, a cabinet de curiosité conceived by the Greek duo on∙entropy, curated by Maria Cristina Didero and produced by the 5Vie district . The exhibition recounts the precious heritage of the marble of Tinos, and the evolution of the typical craftsmanship of this Greek island.

An intimate narrative, in which the creative couple weaves together their family experience, which revolves around the metaphor of the temple, a sacred place, an incredible synthesis of architectural ingenuity, craftsmanship and artistic sensibility.

An act of recovering the past, in its formal inheritance and technical knowledge, to project it into current events and into the future.

5VIE Headquarters - via Cesare Correnti, 14

The human mandala by Sara Ricciardi

Sara Ricciardi promises to surprise the FuoriSalone 2023 audience with Human mandala, produced by 5Vie, a real human mandala strong> composed of a series of real bodies arranged in a circular mandala formation.

Each individual will be naked and vulnerable, but connected to others through a network of root-like structures like a mycelial organism. An installation with a strong impact that invites viewers to contemplate the ways in which we are all connected.

A mystical sound coming from thirteen circular Dolby surround speakers will help create an ascetic and contemplative atmosphere.

5VIE Headquarters - SIAM, via Santa Marta, 18

The craftsmanship is at Palazzo Litta

An unmissable address for those on the hunt for artisans at work: it is Arts&Crafts&Design at Palazzo Litta di Fondazione Cologni, with five exhibitions dedicated to the dialogue between manual know-how and design thinking.

Among the participants is Gianluca Pacchioni, metal sculptor and creator of art-design, much appreciated internationally, who will present a sculpture located in the Richini courtyard -specific; Sara Ricciardi signs Primavera, between craftsmanship and design; Creative Academy, the international design school of the Richemont group, under the curatorship of Eligo Studio, presents the works resulting from the collaboration between twenty students and the Lodigian master ceramist Antonino Negri, highly sought after by galleries, including that of Rossana Orlandi.

In addition, Double Signature, the project by Michelangelo Foundation, Fondazione Cologni and Living Corriere della Sera returns in its seventh edition, which brings together twenty-four pairs of craftsmen and designers from all over the world and brings them into dialogue.

Last but not least, Bonacina 1889 with its new collection of furnishing accessories in woven natural fibers, created with famous designers.

Palazzo Litta, corso Magenta 24

The social design project that gives space to deaf kids

From the silence is a social design project conceived by T12 Lab and Laboratorio Silenzio with Fondazione Istituto Buon < strong>Pastor, equal school and reception community for minors in difficulty.

By involving a group of adolescents, both internal and external to the Foundation, both hearing and deaf, the initiative aims to raise awareness of the condition of deafness. And it does so with an exhibition and performative actions that propose non-verbal communication as the primary form of relating.

The students will give life to inclusive and collective artistic experiences, in which visitors can also take part in a dimension of silence shared.

An opportunity to discover an incredible community, and at the same time to get to know the Istituto Buon Pastore, a unique historical place in the heart of Milan.

Design Pride: Seletti's party around the city

The most festive appointment of the FuoriSalone is back, the most pop, democratic one, which brings design to the squares, and not to the showrooms with armored events by invitation.

It is the Seletti Design Pride, a real parade with floats, exhibitions, music, which will cross the city center until it reaches Piazza Affari for the inevitable party under the sculpture L.O.V.E. by MaurizioCattelan.

The meeting point is Wednesday 19 April at 6 pm, in Piazza Castello, at the corner with Via Minghetti. Departure from Piazza Castello, arrival in Piazza Affari

Ill at ease, the living room of traveling design

Ill at ease, from the English - “restless at ease”, by Caterina Taurelli Salimbeni and Luisa < strong>Ausenda, is an extravagant open-air and itinerant living room, which will travel from 18 to 23 April to discover six squares and courtyards in Milan, starting on 18 April, in the 5Vie, in piazza Tomasi di Lampedusa.

Each stage will involve a famous creative - Ron Arad, Hermine Bourdin, Khaled El Mays and Six N. Five - to create a podcast in an on-site recording station.

The living room will also have a technological van that will project works onto the surrounding architecture and will host a room inside, while the public will be invited to interact with the physical and virtual creations of the participating designers and artists.

First stop: Piazza Tomasi di Lampedusa

Artemest's apartment

A refined 1930s residence in a historic Milanese building in the heart of the 5Vie district.

It is The apartment of Artemest, curated by six interior design studios, namely Anne-Sophie Pailleret, Kingston Lafferty Design, Moniomi Design, Nina Magon, Styled Habitat and T.Zed Architects.

Each room of the house will be furnished by a different interior designer, using only furnishings, accessories, lighting and art created by a selection of Italian artisans, brands and artists who collaborate with Artemest.

5VIE Headquarters, Via Cesare Correnti 14

After? 5Ways to Corvetto

The dialogue between the center and the suburbs is tackled by Dopo?, a recently opened cultural center in the Corvetto district, with which 5Vie inaugurates its collaboration, and where the event will be held on the occasion of the FuoriSalone 2023.

On display, an exhibition dedicated to Italian collectible design, with unpublished works of functional art, unique self-produced or handcrafted pieces by Tellurico, Millim Studio, Tip studio, Stefania Ruggiero, Standard 404, Scattered Disk Objects and Simone Fanciullacci.

After?, via Carlo Boncompagni 51/10

Carpets by Jan Kath and Clara Bona from Alberto Levi Gallery

An unmissable event for fans of Jan Kath, perhaps the most famous carpet designer in the world.

Alberto Levi Gallery presents Across the board, a selection of Jan Kath's most significant textile art works, alongside Relations | Paths | Orizzonti, three collections of carpets created in collaboration with Clara Bona, an architect and interior designer who for the first time ventures into carpet design.

It will also be possible to meet the designer Jan Kath during the opening night, Wednesday 19 April from 6pm.

Via San Maurilio 24

The tables of master Alessandro Guerriero

On the occasion of FuoriSalone 2023, Alessandro Guerriero, founder in 1976 of the collective Alchimia, Compasso d'Oro in 1982, is on display at the < strong>Artpressione Gallery with Noio, a cycle of 25 hand-painted plates in which the great artist and 'non-architect' designer represents a sort of map of himself.

The plates show a series of portraits of what Guerriero himself defines as his 'myths foundational', actually met or imagined, which constitute the "substrate from which his way of thinking, doing and planning”.

The event is presented by Paula Nora Seegy and curated by Matteo Pacini.

Artexpression Gallery, via della Palla 3

Casa Ornella: where design lives

Maria Vittoria Paggini, thirty-six-year-old decorator from Arezzo, recently mentioned by the Filippo Perego award as one of the best young Italian interior decorators, designs and presents on the occasion of Design Week Casa Ornella, an eclectic, versatile space, free to live and interpret, halfway between a private home and an exhibition space.

An address open to designers, artists, stylists and anyone looking for a special place that is difficult to label.

Conca del Naviglio 10

Constance Guisset's surprise party

Constance Guisset invites everyone to her Surprise Party!, an unexpected and surprise party.

You will have to immerse yourself in the colored fog to see the objects up close and gradually discover their silhouettes and materials. The installation, created for the Institut Français Milano, will be an invitation to venture out and take time for contemplation.

Palazzo delle Stelline, Corso Magenta 63

The recipes? A concept design

Can the recipes be understood as concept design? The answer is yes, and the exhibition Recipes for the future: a cross-cultural alchemy by Irthi Contemporary Crafts Council, curated by Mr. Lawrence.

According to this survey, recipes are used as alchemical formulas to transform ingredients, a cross-practice between the world of design and food.

But that's not all: recipes are sedimentations of customs, cultural stratifications that blend traditions and bring distant countries closer together.

As happens here, where Studiopepe and Casalinghe di Tokyo look at Italian and Emirati culture through the lens of their gastronomic heritage, generating an intercultural experience unique.

An event that at the same time underlines how design can be a significant driver for developing awareness of the value and preservation of craftsmanship, also focusing on local issues such as cultural heritage, identity and sustainability.

5VIE Headquarters - via Cesare Correnti 14

Maison Matisse + Faye Toogood

Maison Matisse is a brand wanted by the grandchildren of Henri Matisse, to celebrate and transmit the heritage and creative method of the great artist.

On the occasion of FuoriSalone 2023, the maison has invited the acclaimed English designer and entrepreneur Faye Toogood to interpret the black Chinese ink on white paper of Henri Matisse's book entitled Dessins: thèmes et variations.

The result is the new Esquisses furniture collection, in which Faye Toogood pays homage to the originality and freedom expressed in Matisse's ink drawings.

Studio Nerino, via Santa Marta 21

Alpine Rising by Markus Benesch

What does it feel like when you climb the mountain? A mixture of isolation and freedom.

Freedom from the myriad of (useless) objects with which we surround ourselves in everyday life downstream. Markus Benesch explains it well, in the exhibition Alpine Rising for Curious Boy.

In a surreal setting that reproduces life at the top, the creative explores the needs and difficulties of our digital society. Through a collection of rural-inspired furnishings, Benesch invites us to indulge in an analog lifestyle, to disconnect from futility and reconnect with ourselves and with nature.

A state of isolation that responds to our need for simplicity, for detachment from the world, to return to appreciating beauty by reducing everything to the essentials.

5VIE Headquarters - SIAM, via Santa Marta 18