iGuzzini participates in Milan Design Week 2023 with an installation designed by Stefano Boeri Interiors: Living Vibes, in Via Palermo 11

At the FuoriSalone iGuzzini presents Living Vibes: the new collection dedicated to < strong>living&hospitality light which gives its name to the installation designed by Stefano Boeri Interiors in a special location to stage products designed for new ways of interpreting residential and community environments.

The Recanati-based company brings its heritage of design, culture, research and technical experimentation to places of contemporary living as a value-added quality, with a reflection on the connections between human well-being and the environment, beauty and technology.

In addition to this project, iGuzzini participates in Milan Design Week 2023 as a partner of other important FuoriSalone exhibitions, through collaborations with architects and international brands.

"Once again this year we have chosen the international setting of Milan Design Week to present a new milestone in the path that the company is taking to respond to the needs of an increasingly mixed society" says Cristiano Venturini, CEO of iGuzzini.

"The discipline of design has been a founding part of iGuzzini since the early 1960s, and the Living Vibes collection that we are presenting in preview has a unique value: combining the formal refinement typical of living atmospheres a culture of light at a higher level.

To narrate this project at Milan Design Week 2023, we relied on the sensitivity of Stefano Boeri Interiors, who was able to wonderfully convey our message in an installation that also reflects our attention to the theme of environmental responsibility and shows how light - in addition to beautiful lighting scenes from Artec Studio - it can be synonymous with connectivity, to improve people's quality of life".

Living Vibes, Spazio Blindarte - Via Palermo 11, Milan

The project by Stefano Boeri Interiors, with the luminous scenography by Artec Studio, enhances one of the most characteristic locations of the entire Milan Design Week: a fascinating 17th century building in the past a museum, an artistic-cultural center and today the Milanese headquarters of the Blindarte auction house.

To underline the beauty of the spaces, Stefano Boeri Interiors has applied a continuous and enveloping wire mesh made with recycled and recyclable materials that runs through and covers, like a second skin, the internal volumes of the architecture where light becomes the protagonist by tracing an evocative path among the products on display and guiding the viewer in a succession of rooms animated by a multimedia synaesthesia of lights, sounds and colors conceived by Artec Studio.

The concept interprets iGuzzini's strategic drivers - design, culture of light, sustainability and connectivity - and focuses on the company's new collections, lighting systems that furnish and integrate technology and performance.

The place thus becomes an experiential space able to tell the expressive and artistic power of light.

Thanks to the Intelligent Light solutions and the Jiminy app which allows you to receive multimedia content directly on your smartphone, iGuzzini luminaires will guide the visitor step by step through the Living Vibes installation < /strong>to discover the details and potential of all the new collections.

The itinerary begins in the entrance hall with an original exhibition in homage to the iconic Le Perroquet lamp designed by Piano Design for the Center Pompidou in Paris, which like a cheerful and colorful flock of parrots welcomes visitors.

Upon entering the building, the scenographic project invades the entire space, developing into four communicating rooms.

In the first, the visitor is welcomed by the Italian Echoes installation which displays the re-editions from the iGuzzini historical archive: Polsino by Gio Ponti, Zurich by Luigi Massoni, Sorella by Harvey, Nitia by Rodolfo Bonetto and Clan by Harvey in its three versions (suspension, floor lamp and table) an object that combines formal and typological tradition with the modernity of industrial processes. In the room, the audiovisual contents narrate and enhance the roots of the brand through collaborations with the great masters of Italian design.

On the strength of thirty years of research on light for architecture, in 2023 iGuzzini explored the theme of light for living and hospitality: thus Living Vibes was born, the collection that combines the heritage of culture, research and engineering experimentation to bring it to the places of contemporary living.

The homonymous project for the FuoriSalone in Via Palermo is therefore also a journey of discovery of the new and expanded iGuzzini project which begins in the main room dedicated to Libera, the modular system and adaptable designed by Artec Studio, which represents a major innovation in linear lighting.

Maurici Gines, founder of Artec Studio, has also created the scenario in which lights, shadows and sounds intertwine and interact with the metal mesh on the wall, creating an immersive environment and leading to the discovery of Libera through an all-encompassing sensory experience.

The lighting of the 200 square meters of Living Vibes in Via Palermo, like all the iGuzzini collections, is focused on the theme of sustainability: the fully dimmable installation is designed for minimal energy consumption, equal to just 2.5 kW /h.

The installation continues on the upper floor with a room covered in wood and metal mesh, where the Allure up-down wall lamp for outdoors and the Whisper rechargeable battery table lamp are presented.

On the big screen, the audiovisual installation by the Italian director Davide Rapp amazes with an evocative combination of sound and light.

The itinerary ends by going down to the ground floor where a constellation of BeTwo suspension lamps by Alfonso Femia/AF Design projects the visitor into another dimension amidst interactive and dynamic lights.