Massimo della Marta (MDM Design) makes an official entry into the home living area at FuoriSalone 2023, with new Made in Italy display cases and furnishing accessories dedicated to lovers of the bon vivre

The new MDM Design collection lands at Design Week 2023 and does with new Made in Italy display cases and furnishing accessories dedicated to lovers of the bon vivre, inaugurating the home living sector.

The story of Massimo Della Marta is in fact born from the design of display cases for croissants for bars, reaching today the production of elegant wine coolers for the Ho.Re.Ca channel that wink to lifestyle enthusiasts.

An innovative approach and an international patent make the Rose case and the Devalle Love wine frame a real revolution in the field of applied thermodynamics: the evaporation coil placed in the center of the refrigerated compartment becomes an integral part of the design .

The sentinel of the Vineyard

Rose made in a limited edition is a 'frame' that hides an ancient wisdom. The rose is the sentinel of the vineyard, it anticipates and signals pitfalls and organic deficiencies of the vines.

The frame, designed solely for this display case, is inspired by rose petals finished with 22 kt pink pure gold leaf.

The metallic finishes create a play of reflections on the shades of grey. The details are designed to be unique, such as the polished copper inserts and the handle finished in black leather.

A tribute to Carlo Mollino

Entering the world of Carlo Mollino was a unique experience for Massimo Della Marta. Mollino created for Devalle a magical and surreal garçonnière where to make the structure of the lamps break through a curtain and in front of the same to place the beautiful console in mirror and metal.

A surreal setting in which Massimo Della Marta wanted to insert Devalle Love. The work follows the style of the environment that hosts it. Baroque style frame with 24 kt gold leaf, black mirror background that contrasts with the matt black structure and quilted red silk velvet pass.

Devalle Love was created for the Homage to Carlo Mollino exhibition on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the death of the Turin architect and will be visible during the Milan Design Week at the Galleria Paola Columbaria.

To create an exclusive and valuable context, Massimo Della Marta wanted to complete the collection with a decorative panel, a floor lamp and a decanter holder made with the use of processing scraps.

Butterfly's Power

This decorative panel represents the body, which encloses the heart and brain as in a precious casket. The frame is broken, the cage is open, the limit is transformed into freedom and self-determination. The wings, finally free, lightly flutter in the air while the body emanates a red and infinite energy.

Brother's Heart

A floor lamp that represents the contrast between incompleteness and realization. Two different brothers, two different structures. The rear element stands as the strong, consistent, down-to-earth, successful brother.

Monochromatic in external appearance as in life. The weak brother deliberately takes shape in the foreground. Irregular signs represent obstacles and difficulties, but also emotions, sensations, experiences. The red heart pulsates animated by its surroundings.

Leaf's Soul

The base supporting the decanter takes the shape of a stylized vine leaf, while the ribs that cover the surface, intended to transfer all the nutrients, are red traces that enhance their dynamic vital function.

Massimo Della Marta at the FuoriSalone: useful information

The MDM Design showroom is open from 18 to 23 April from 11am to 9pm, in Via Maroncelli 5, Milan