MDD's turnaround from being a well-connected neighborhood association in the area broadens its activities. The new brand identity reaffirms the desire to present itself as a collector of all the Made in Italy brands that have their flagship stores in Milano downtown

In 2016, at the behest of seven founding companies – B&B Italia, Cassina, Interni, Meritalia, Luxury Living, Porro and Technogym – and thanks to the promotive intervention of architect Massimo Salamone, now president, a neighborhood association was born, which was named Milano Durini Design and which today changes its name and identity, extending its reach to the entire central Milan area and counting more than 40 companies among its members.

A new logo, designed by three students from the Urbino ISIA High School, and a distinct communication project also visually sanction the meaning of this metamorphosis.

MDD becomes Milano Design District, a project that starts from a very distinct idea of sharing and that is no longer a purely geographical district but a reality that intends to represent an important category, such as that of the companies of excellence in high-end design that populate the city center.

The symbolic heart of the district remains Via Durini with its neighboring streets, home to numerous design showrooms, but today the association is expanding toward Piazza Fontana, Corso Monforte and Foro Buonaparte in the ever more pronounced sign of the inclusiveness that has characterized it since its inception.

In constant dialogue with city and municipal representatives, MDD also pays special attention to urban transformation.

The challenge is to present itself in the best possible way for the week of the Salone del Mobile, even with experiments such as the pedestrianization planned for the 2023 edition, but with an eye always on the future. A three-year collaboration pact with the city administration is being worked on for the genesis of projects that will lead to continuous and lasting improvements in the redevelopment of the design streets.

During FuoriSalone, the district will be enlivened by a series of events involving the big names in the community with the inauguration of new spaces and the opening of showroom and store doors to unveil installations, new products and talks to professionals, enthusiasts and just curious people about the fascinating world of design.

And as per tradition, the evening of Thursday, April 20, will be a special time with extraordinary openings until 10pm.

MDD is an important example of how to be a local network, attentive to the needs of the local area, and at the same time a global voice for the entire Made in Italy sector that needs to be told in an accurate and timely way so that it is clearly recognized in the world.

What to see at MDD - Milano Design District at FuoriSalone 2023: 15 events not to be missed

Solids: B&B Italia Design Studio in via Durini 14

An unprecedented set-up, designed by Piero Lissoni to unveil the 2023 collection of B&B Italia which is enriched with new indoor and outdoor proposals signed by international architects and designers. Also on stage are the brands Maxalto, which presents the latest creations by art director Antonio Citterio, and Azucena with the iconic pieces by Luigi Caccia Dominioni.

Floating Flowers | Where artisan and nature meet the new Campanula collection by García Cumini: Barovier&Toso in via Durini 5

One material, Venetian crystal. Many processes, daughters of tradition. Thus was born the new collection of suspension lamps created by the designer duo García Cumini, who wanted to make glass and its expressive power the protagonist.

Bluebells conceived as floating flowers in the space of the showcase designed by vandersandestudio.

Plants and flowers of multiple species in a palette of neutral colors and hints of bright colors welcome a multiple and asymmetrical composition.

Inauguration of the new Cappellini Space Milano in via Borgogna 8

Cappellini inaugurates the new showroom in the heart of the Durini district: Cappellini Space Milano replaces the historic shop in via Santa Cecilia by introducing a completely new concept and taking the form of a hymn to freedom in which to promote a cultural exchange starting from design.

The Cassina Perspective 2023: Cassina Milan in via Durini 16

Welcoming environments highlight the novelties of Cassina with projects by Barber&Osgerby, Antonio Citterio and Patricia Urquiola, as well as products celebrating the new masters. The company also presents its first designer lighting collection.

Be Baggy: Contardi Lighting Showroom in Corso Monforte 20

Opening of the first Contardi Lighting single-brand store in via della luce with the installation dedicated to Baggy, a family of lamps designed by Paola Navone-Otto. The brand is aimed at an ever wider, curious and cosmopolitan public with an invitation to live life in a light, playful and free way.

Inauguration of Dilmos Lab in Via Cavallotti 17

Dilmos, on the occasion of the 2023 design week, opens a second temporary space called Dilmos Lab, a container dedicated to the uniqueness of its authors. The artist Daniele Papuli stages Uff Design, artifacts in paper and fiber. A microcosm of objects that introduces us to an imaginary and surprising design.

Dekton Pietra Kode at Cosentino City Milano in piazza Fontana 6

Cosentino presents the new Dekton Pietra Kode collection designed by Daniel Germani, animating the week with a program of initiatives such as a meeting with the designer, show cooking by chef Francesco Aquila and a workshop involving the blogger and influencer Emanuele Patrini.

Mirrored Inspirations: De Padova in via Santa Cecilia 7

Mirrored Inspirations is the museum story of the 2023 novelties by De Padova. A palette of neutral shades defines the shapes of the products presented in their essence and intrinsic functionality.

Fast Milano flagship store opening in Via Cesare Battisti 1

The made in Italy brand specialized in outdoor furniture solutions since 1995, inaugurates its first flagship store in Milan. The space is the result of the partnership with Spotti Milano and presents an exhibition concept curated by the Quincoces-Drago & Partners. A project that aims to create a new point of reference in the area for the dissemination and sharing of the culture of design of outdoor spaces.

Reflected Identities: Gallotti & Radice flagship store in Via Cavallotti 16

Engraved glass and mirrors come alive through plays of perspective and material reflections, a tribute to the female universe. A new and unprecedented installation by the Swiss artist Simon Berger, which celebrates an only apparent fragility resulting from a figurative perception that elevates glass to a work of art.

Interni Design Factory in Via Turati 8 celebrates 90 years

On the occasion of its 90th anniversary, Interni Design Factory is re-proposing the Interni Radio format with interviews with Giulio Cappellini, Palomba-Serafini, Isabella Genovese and special guests such as Jacopo Foggini and Humberto Campana.

Villa Necchi Campiglio hosts New Horizons

A vision of the future of light in an immersive experience in the park of Villa Necchi Campiglio. Visitors experience a multi-sensory setup and watch the presentation of new products in an unconventional space.

Cyclorama: Porro Milano in Via Visconti di Modrone 29

With an immersive three-color installation and a story that travels through time and space, Porro opens the doors to the construction site of its new Milanese showroom: an interior articulated on several levels full of design possibilities, where you can express your architectural soul in unprecedented installations.

This is not an Art Show - Art, Bubble and Kitchen: Scic flagship store in Via Durini 19

With an immersive three-color installation and a story that travels through time and space, Porro opens the doors to the construction site of its new Milanese showroom: an interior articulated on several levels full of design possibilities, where you can express your architectural soul in unprecedented installations .

The new Molteni&C collections in the Corso Europa 2 flagship store

The Molteni&C flagship store hosts the new 2023 collections, including the elegant Mateo table, designed by Vincent Van Duysen. Also the protagonist of the space is the first Molteni&C|Outdoor collection, coordinated by the creative director himself and interpreted by some of the most important contemporary designers. A cross-section of the Molteni Group in Milan, the international capital of avant-garde design.