At the headquarters in via Cerva with Tre Mostre, at Superstudio Più on The Sense Of Touch in partnership with E-Novia, at the Vanity Fair Social Garden With Augmented Nature in collaboration with Snapchat

With a transversal and widespread schedule in the city (3 addresses involved), Istituto Marangoni presents the events with which it will preside over the Milan Design Week 2023: a real design hub.

Like every year, the institute proposes projects, products, installations and exhibitionsdeveloped by students and Alumni in collaboration with the most important brands of Italian design, with the aim of conveying to them what the fundamental function of design: giving shape to the objects of our life, defining their aesthetics and dealing with their relationship with users, creating empathy between users and emerging technologies.

Istituto Marangoni: the events not to be missed at FuoriSalone 2023

Mirage Expansion Exhibition in partnership with MIRAGE - Can be visited at the headquarters in via Cerva 24, Milan

Mirage Expansion is the title of the exhibition curated by Matteo Agati, designer, Alumnus and member of the Prisma Project, result of the collaboration between the Prisma Project, the Alumni group of the School of Design which facilitates the meeting between industry and the best talents, and Mirage, a reference company in the production of porcelain stoneware surfaces for architecture, under the artistic direction of Giulio Cappellini, Architect, Talent Scout, Art Director and Brand Ambassador of Istituto Marangoni.

The exhibition, made up of furnishings, accessories and works of art in porcelain stoneware and other materials, illustrates how real, digital, natural and technological elements are so integrated that they merge into a single expressive multiverse, a 'portal' that leads to new realities where nature is reworked, perception deconstructed and hybridized scenarios.

The result is a promotion of culture in the places of study that aims to give a voice and enhance the designers of the future through new design languages and an exploration of how the products of the Mirage company allow designers to broaden the boundaries of the discipline and expand the their chance.

Living Models for Mars Exhibition in partnership with POLTRONA FRAU - Can be visited at the headquarters in via Cerva 24, Milan

Istituto Marangoni questions the future of living together with Poltrona Frau, one of the leaders of Made in Italy furniture and design for 110 years, with an advanced interior design , “sentient” spaces to respond to human needs and co-evolve under extreme conditions.

The set-up, created with AI, is curated by Alice Ballabio, designer, creative strategist, Alumna and member of Prisma Project. Backlit panels, 3D constructions, monolithic blocks, wind and desert sounds immerse the viewer in a mysterious Martian landscape.

Expanded Universes Degree Show

Curated by Matteo Agati, designer, Alumnus and member of the Prisma Project, the Design Degree Show exhibits the best projects by Cindea Ioana, Maccagno Carola, Pellegrino Giuseppe, Pradipta Golim Owen, Prodan Sere, Santilli Fabiana, Sasaki Sho, Sharabidze Megi, which explore how design redefines the 'new < post-pandemic strong>normality.

Visual designers engage in the interaction between physical and virtual environments, creating emotional experiences; Product lovers focus on the "reconversion" of material reality VS the growing digitization for a return to the corporeity of sensory experiences.

Lastly, the interior designers illustrate the "introverted" projection of their personalities into the interiors.

The sense of touch exhibition in partnership with e-Novia - Can be visited at the Central Point of Superstudio Più, via Tortona 27

The more ubiquitous touch screens become in our daily lives, the more we are disconnected from the physical world. Interactions with people and objects are becoming less and less physical, with a sense of disengagement from reality.

The students of the Master in Product & Furniture Design have tried to fill this void with the Industrial Group e-Novia, designing a series of objects that use TouchDIVER technology, developed by Weart, a company of the group.

Special sensors to be worn on the fingers, at the installation curated by Gustavo Martini, designer, Alumnus and member of the Prisma Project, they remotely transfer tactile experiences, applied to virtual and augmented reality, to feel the texture or consistency of surfaces, up to the sensations of hot and cold.

Augmented Nature Exhibition in partnership with SNAPCHAT and VANITY FAIR - Can be visited at the Vanity Fair Social Garden, via Bergognone 26

A real 'garden' inspired by the theme of sustainability, which focuses on harmony between people, society and the environment: the Vanity Fair Social Garden is the inspiration and location for the projects of augmented reality developed by the students of the Visual Design department in collaboration with Snapchat, a series of digital installations usable in augmented reality to offer an immersive garden-themed experience.

The digital experience will be accessible from the app and, once the Snapcode has been scanned, it will allow you to immerse yourself in the installations inside the courtyard.

The events of Istituto Marangoni at Milan Design Week 2023, in brief

  • Mirage | Mirage Expansion Exhibition - Istituto Marangoni Milan, Via Cerva 24
  • Expanded Universes Degree Show - Istituto Marangoni Milan, Via Cerva 24
  • Poltrona Frau | Living Modules For Mars - Istituto Marangoni Milan, Via Cerva 24
  • E-Novia | The Sense Of Touch Exhibition - Superstudio Più, Via Tortona, 27
  • Snapchat | Augmented Nature Exhibition - Vanity Fair Social Garden, Via Bergognone 26