Starring: Fabrizio Longo, Francesca Fagnani, Sebastian Copeland, Gabriele Chiave and Umberto Galimberti

An act of courage. Inside the House of Progress, a powerful and evocative installation at Fuorisalone 2023, Audi organized - on April 18 - a talk on a very hot topic, that of the circular economy.

Land on which the automotive industry, but in particular the German company, is particularly committed to achieving the objectives of carbon neutrality necessary for a full energy transition.

Audi has acted in time, for years, so much so that today four plants already have a zero Co2 footprint, with a reduction in total emissions from production sites in 2021 of 480,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide. And with a significant commitment, hand in hand, for the recycling and reuse of materials.

Fabrizio Longo, director of Audi Italy, however, wanted to broaden the theme, gathering people around an ideal table which do not have to do directly with industry but which, precisely for this reason, can illuminate the collective path that society must take to be more virtuous and sustainable.

So the designer Gabriele Chiave (who signed the installation The Domino Act inside the House of progress) and the photographer and explorer Sebastian Copeland found themselves talking together on the comparison between architecture and nature.

And then the philosopher Umberto Galimberti, Federico Marchetti, founder of YOOX and pioneer of sustainability in fashion, and Fabrizio Longo, Director of Audi Italia.

Journalist Francesca Fagnani moderated the exchange of ideas.

In the impossibility of accounting for the richness of the views, after the introduction by Fabrizio Longo who recalled how innovation for its own sake can be an act of vanity for companies but which in the case of Audi is instead finalized to improve our mobility and our life, here are some reflections on which, after all, we are all called to meditate.

Francesca Fagnani, journalist: “In one of his novels, Isaac Asimov had an artificial intelligence say: “I don't have enough data to give a sensible answer.” Tonight is the right opportunity to give some: to meet the future more aware and less scared".

Federico Marchetti, founder of Yoox: "In the balance between man and machine, the true lighthouse to look to is harmony. Young people have no superstructures. This becomes an advantage when you innovate”.

Gabriele Chiave, Controvento designer & Art Director: “As designers we have a great responsibility. Because we create the new, but sometimes the new is not the best possible approach. Sometimes the best is to re-use, recycle, reduce. There is nothing that better expresses the concepts currently closest to us as the shape of the circle, in its simplicity. A symbolism that speaks of both the causes and the solution”.

Sebastian Copeland, polar explorer and climate analyst: “From my point of view, transport and mobility are the only sector where humanity has the solution in hand regarding the reduction of emissions. The car industry is today the most capable of making a transformation in favor of society".

Umberto Galimberti, philosopher and anthropologist, less optimistic, closed the talk thus: “The future does not remedy the past. It is our busyness that will lead to something. But let us remember that money and technology cannot be the only concepts for interpreting the world.

Today the ability to do is superior to the ability to see and understand the consequences of doing. Let us not forget that development is different from progress. What to do? Let's start by listening to the kids. And let's use them immediately for their creative power, without waiting for them to age".