In the heart of Portanuova, the installation of the Pyramid Dynamo Energies by Coima Image transforms design into energy

rel="noopener">Coima Image participates in FuoriSalone 2023 with an installation that brings the relationship between design and energy.

Although they may appear to be two distinct sectors, never before have these two fields merged into a single, powerful tool for responding to environmental needs. As? For example, by implementing the design phases with an eye always on new energy sources.

Coima Image expresses this through the installation Design Becomes Energy, located in the heart of the Portanuova district: the aim is to make visitors aware of the concepts of self-production energy.

The architecture, created by Coima Image with Dynamo Energies and Sunspeker with the support of Portanuova, appears as a pyramidal structure obtained from the association of photovoltaic panels capable of transforming sunlight into energy, which in turn gives life to music and lights.

The Dynamo Energies Pyramid is inspired by the Pink Floyd album The Dark Side of the Moon which this year celebrates its fiftieth anniversary.

Just as in the iconic cover the light radiates in the prism and breaks down into its colours, so in the Dynamo Energies Pyramid, made with photovoltaic panels, the sunlight is transformed into energy and energy in music and lights.

The result is a pleasant representation in line with the festive mood of Milan Design Week, and at the same time a valuable project as the bearer of a message that affects the whole of society.

Design, light, music and energy are therefore the key words around which the Coima Image initiative at the FuoriSalone gravitates: terms, reported on the pyramid thanks to the films Sunspeker, which aesthetically enhance photovoltaics without compromising their efficiency.