Altrove is a project by Tortona Rocks, an urban foray that takes design to areas where it does not exist: an opportunity to discover 9 places in the city selected by Milano Secrets

The FuoriSalone 2023 arrives at Giambellino, the popular district adjacent to Zona Tortona but still 'affected' by design.

He got there thanks to a project by Tortona Rocks, Altrove designed to experiment with new design methods by creating cultural short circuits between design and the city.

Transcending the district limits of the Fuorisalone, which sees the exhibition initiatives located in defined areas, Tortona Rocks thus emerges from the historic headquarters of Opificio 31 to give life to a satellite project to outline new, and unexpected, urban geographies.

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FuoriSalone 2023 at Giambellino

As always, going beyond the limits and fixed schemes is synonymous with stimulus and preamble to new ideas, good news.

In the context of Milan Design Week, in particular, it means emphasizing even more energetically the bond that the city of Milan has established with design: therefore, no longer only with respect to the central areas and more you classically think 'in celebration'. But expanding the event to new sites/districts, to make it more inclusive and surprising.

Not locations, but situations that maintain their identity and activity and therefore coexist with the presence of a selection of design objects out of context, city epiphanies that amplify the sense of discovery and belonging.

In collaboration with MilanoSecrets, the platform that tells Milan through its most unusual and exclusive addresses, this year ELSEWHERE will explore the Giambellino district, an urban scenography that retains a popular soul , of transformation.

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Thanks to the curatorship of MilanoSecrets, the city circuit will bring eight everyday places to the fore – from the pharmacy to the anthropological food laboratory – new addresses to discover, enriched, during the design week, with design objects temporarily placed there with which they establish a site specific dialogical relationship.

The design selection, curated by Diletta Toniolo for Tortona Rocks, involved Italian and international designers, young talents and more established that will make us reflect on the contemporary through design interventions that blend with the assigned place.

In the following gallery, an overview of the hot spots not to be missed at FuoriSalone 2023 in the Giambellino area.