The events of the fashion brands not to be missed during the Design Week selected for you: from the Prada symposium curated by Formafantasma to the surreal and ironic setting up of Missoni

There is Prada, which continues Prada Frames with Formafantasma, the multidisciplinary symposium which explores the complex interaction between environment and design, and which this year talks about waste as a material in continuous transformation, and there is Loewe, the Spanish brand always promoter of skilful manual work, which presents an exhibition of chairs for daily use, embellished and reinvented by skilled master craftsmen.

On the occasion of the FuoriSalone 2023, the luxury maisons take to the field and team up with artists and designers to create cross-industry collaborations with a strong ethical and environmental commitment.

Research projects that celebrate the artisans, the real, great protagonists of the fashion sector, and which trace new, virtuous, methods of production and consumption, where waste becomes a resource, and the discarded garment a dress to fix and hand down.

Prada Frames

Teatro dei Filodrammatici, piazza Paolo Ferrari 6

Prada Frames is back, the multidisciplinary symposium that explores the complex interaction between environment and design, curated by Formafantasma.

This year Prada Frames is held in Hong Kong and Milan, and has the title Materials in flux, an investigation into the concept of waste or scrap as a material in continuous transformation.

The starting point is the work of the British anthropologist Tim Ingold, for whom matter is a living, interconnected and eternally changing entity. The symposium looks at the dynamics that regulate waste infrastructures and their value systems to reveal the complex relationship between matter and ecosystems.

The symposium in Milan is from 17 to 19 April, and involves, among others, Tim Ingold himself, alongside Elizabeth Povinelli, Beatriz Colomina, Mark Wigley, Sophie Chao, Veena Sahajwalla and Hans Ulrich Obrist. The symposium is free and open to all, to register for the sessions you need to book here

The sessions of the symposium are also available here.


Boyy Milano, flagship store, via Bagutta 9

The collaboration between the maison Boyy and the Danish artist Fos, aka Thomas Poulsen, continues, in charge of designing the brand's flagship store in via Bagutta.

On the occasion of FuoriSalone 2023, the luxury accessories brand tells the third and final stage of its Milanese space, a living and evolving place, which has experienced a continuous metamorphosis since it opened in September 2021.

“It is almost like an organism living thing that grows and transforms in real time,” says Jesse Dorsey, co-founder of Boyy.

The result is a shop that subverts the traditional idea of a static point of sale, to give life to a transitory, impermanent place where present and past merge, starting with the recovery of pre-existing architectural elements, such as the ceppo, hybridized with contemporary grafts with a brutalist flavor, like the aluminum windows.


Breitling Boutique, corso Matteotti 3

In a modern-retro atmosphere, the Swiss brand invites you to discover its watch collections, in its first Italian flagship store transformed into a design wunderkammer for the FuoriSalone.

On show, in the new 230 square meters square boutique, imagined as an industrial-style loft, alongside the clocks, also vases, chopping boards, and lamps in marble and wood by Bettisatti, the capsule collection of cushions in fine recycled fabrics with 3D prints made by Atelier des Refusés with Stratasys, and the Luxio bookcases, with integrated LED screens that become structural support elements for the shelves.

Éditions de Parfums Frédéric Malle

Boutique Éditions de Parfums Frédéric Malle, via Verri 2

The creations studied by the greatest perfumers in the world meet lighting design in an olfactory and luminous journey.

It's L'avant-garde du parfum, an event organized by Éditions de Parfums Frédéric Malle, a French maison of artistic perfumery, with Flos, the lighting partner of the project visible in several places in Milan: the windows of the Rinascente dedicated to the maison illuminated by Flos lamps; the boutique of Éditions de Parfums Frédéric Malle, in via Verri 2, and the Flos Store in corso Monforte 9, with a special set up to underline the affinity between the two brands .

“As with the world of design and architecture, I too provide my noses with all the technical tools but leave them total freedom and creative initiative,” says Frédéric Malle.

“We start from an idea, the idea becomes a project, we give it a shape, then we work on the technical and aesthetic details: architecture and perfume, for me, have the same gestation”.


Via Sammartini 62

It was 1973 when the graphic designer Sergio Privitera designed the F-Box, Fila's legendary logo: the letter F, red and blue, broken down into two strokes, and inscribed in a square bordered in blue, a pop sign with a powerful communicative force.

In Milan, during the frenetic Design Week that attracts visitors from all over the world, the Italian footwear and sportswear brand celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of its iconic logo with the installation Regarding the Fila F-Box: the AI experience, 50 new versions of the logo created by artificial intelligence, in relation to the historical events of the various decades. An exploration, re-signification and expansion of the brand's distinctive symbol, transformed into a vector of facts and images, to activate a visual and auditory experience that engages and makes you think.

The plus: the digital artist Malt Disney will create a live video performance, using archival material and the barrel vault of the tunnels in via Sammartini as a projection surface.

Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake Milan, flagship store, via Bagutta 12

Issey Miyake, a Japanese brand that applies technology to design and creation processes, presents Thinking design, making design: Type-V, the new project by A-POC Able Issey Miyake in collaboration with Nature Architects.

The designers, members of a spin-off from the University of Tokyo, develop design algorithms called DFM (Direct Functional Modeling) capable of determining the shape of a product through a process that focuses on the needs of the consumer, and work with meta-materials, i.e. materials recreated with properties different from those they would naturally have in nature.

The integration of meta-materials in Issey Miyake's A-POC design and production system allows for a variety of previously unthinkable pleats and processes. “Together we have developed a fabric capable of transforming itself into a three-dimensional shape thanks to the application of heat alone,” say the Nature Architects.

“The properties of this fabric have made it suitable for creating a jacket that requires a minimum number of seams.”


Palazzo Isimbardi, corso Monforte 35

Always a promoter of skilful manual work, the Spanish luxury fashion house Loewe presents Loewe Chairs, an exhibition of handmade chairs, reinterpreted by skilled master craftsmen.

Old or newly produced chairs, simple and for daily use, which are transformed into unique pieces, embellished and reinvented with woven leather, raffia and metal fibers.

The project showcases different weaving techniques in various materials, some, such as leather and raffia, close to the Loewe alphabet, others, such as the foil of thermal blankets, completely unexpected. Sheepskin and felt are also used as upholstery for parts of the chairs, to give soft and tactile textures.

Equally unexpected is the use of color, which highlights the play of materials, maximizing the intervention on the chairs, and the consequent decorative reinvention.

Each creation is the result of an intimate and unrepeatable creative dialog between the craftsmen, their preferred medium and the object. All chairs are for sale.


Missoni Showroom, via Solferino 9
Università degli Studi di Milano, via Festa del Perdono 7

For fans of the unmistakable style of Missoni, there are two addresses to mark: the Missoni showroom in via Solferino, which transforms Living Inside-out, into a fantastic landscape of unusual and ironic shapes and creatures, a surreal setting starring the new Ciambellone poufs, in a scenographic set up by Alberto Caliri, creative director of the Missoni Home Collection.

Here, in the showroom, from 19 April a "wishing desk" will be created on floor zero to allow the public to buy and take with them the objects of the heart: souvenirs such as cushions, puppets, mugs and candles linked with a common thread to set up.

Second address: one of the six locations of the maxi INTERNI Design Re-Evolution exhibition-event, precisely at the Università Statale di Milano, in via Festa del Perdono 7, the fashion house bursts in with its zig-zag graphics and around fifty puppets shape of a rabbit in the Re-Connection installation, a stimulus to rediscover a joyful simplicity even in the furnishing formulas.


Pennyblack flagship store, corso Vittorio Emanuele

Pennyblack presents the Été-à-Porter capsule collection, with maxi patterns and airy volumes, created in collaboration with Madame Pauline Vintage.

To celebrate this creative liaison, the fashion brand has involved the Milanese illustrator and art director Francesco Poroli, to create a large-format interactive installation on a wall of the store in Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

Pennyblack and Madame Pauline Vintage have explored their archives, bringing back to the present the positive vibes and free spirit of the 70s, the decade of Pennyblack's founding.

Francesco Poroli, with his illustrations, distills the essence of this collection, extracting pure geometries and vibrant colors, giving us back the emotion of the creative genesis.


Boutique Pollini, via della Spiga 15

On the occasion of its seventieth anniversary, Pollini, the historic Italian brand of footwear and accessories, in collaboration with the artist Elena Borghi, pays homage to all those craftsmen who, thanks to their skillful work, have contributed to the story of savoir faire and the Italian spirit of the brand.

And it does so with Mani d'oro, the sculpture created by the creative and set designer Borghi, depicting a hand intent on sewing, covered with small bands of leather recovered from previous processes, laser-worked in precious shades of gold for the palm, and in different monochrome tones for the back.


Dropcity, tunnel 44, via Sammartini

Re;Code, a Korean brand founded by the Korean textile and chemical company Kolon in 2012 with the aim of promoting sustainable fashion as an alternative to fast fashion, on the occasion of the FuoriSalone collaborates with the Japanese design unit Dekasegi and nine groups of Asian designers, in the Re;Collective Milan exhibition, with a focus on the upcycle.

The theme of the reuse of industrial waste is tackled with creativity and imagination through the 12 projects on display, ranging from tailored clothes to seating, from street furniture to lighting.

The exhibition takes place in the evocative setting of Dropcity, the new center for architecture and design in via Sammartini.

The plus: the public becomes an active part of the exhibition thanks to the numerous workshops on the creative process of upcycling; participants will receive a keychain made from repurposed airbag tape and reused colored straps and have the opportunity to decorate it with different secondary materials.


Samsonite Store Milan, via San Pietro All'Orto 11

When design improves human life. Samsonite presents Ibon, the suitcase awarded with the Red Dot Design (Best of the Best) and with the Innovative Product Award.

The result of the collaborative work between Samsonite's research and development department and the Belgian design studio Achilles, Ibon facilitates the preparation of luggage thanks to a central opening that allows easy access and quick closure, and through a virtuous and practical transversal internal organization, which saves space when the suitcase is open.

Ibon is designed to hold an entire wardrobe without folding it: "Good design should excite customers, improve their lives and change the world," explains Erik Sijmons, senior design director at Samsonite.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Store, piazza Oberdan 2a

In the spaces of the new Tommy Hilfiger concept store in Milan, the US fashion house gives life to a creative laboratory open to the public, created together with Spazio Meta, a Milanese reality founded in 2019 by Benedetta Pomini, Martina Bragadin and Margherita Crespi, dedicated to the recovery and the restoration of abandoned scenic materials.

Participants will be able to become co-authors of the design of two shop windows, creating displays for clothing, choosing recycled materials, volumes and decorations to create three very personal and completely sustainable installations.

The creative laboratory is open to the public on 18 April from 3 to 7.30 pm, while the Tommy Hilfiger x Spazio Meta installations will be on display from 19 to 23 April.


Uniqlo Cordusio, piazza Cordusio 2

Geometric shapes shape a perceptive environment between lightness, innovation and technology.

It is House of AIRism by Uniqlo, the in-store installation by the artist Alberonero that reads and reinterprets the AIRism fabric in the form of a sensory experience. On display are two installations signed by Alberonero: the first, located in the two side windows of via Dante, exploits a play of nuances and perspectives that enhance the characteristics of lightness and transparency of the fabrics; the second, in the garden, defines a new perceptive environment, where light and shadow alternate to model an original variation on the shade of white.

The plus: the Japanese brand invites the public to participate in various activities inside and outside the store, including yoga classes and running sessions, which can be booked on the Uniqlo website; also, not to be missed, on Thursday 20 the live performance of Il Collettivo Trasversale. The complete program is available here.

Vintage Valentino

Madame Pauline Vintage, foro Buonaparte 74

Valentino presents the second edition of Valentino Vintage, the circular project to give new life to items from past collections. In foro Buonaparte 74 a new special takeover will be visible in collaboration with the historic Milanese boutique Madame Pauline Vintage.

Valentino Vintage is an initiative launched in 2021 with an online space and a physical takeover in four vintage stores around the world, providing the opportunity to exchange one's Valentino clothes to give them a second life.

Valentino expands the global network of vintage stores with which it collaborates, with London, Paris and Seoul joining Milan, Tokyo, New York and Los Angeles. In this second edition, Valentino Vintage also announces a creative partnership with 1 Granary, a London-based training platform and incubator dedicated to young design talents, to explore archive fashion as a tool for future creativity, and invite the next generation of creatives in the multidimensional world of Valentino Vintage.

As part of a giving back action, the maison will donate a curated selection of 5 Valentino Vintage looks to seven selected schools in the seven cities and to the community of 1 Granary, thus continuing its educational commitment and support for young people.

Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti Store, via Dante 7

Massimo Dutti hosts The Atelier of Massimo Dutti, a series of workshops in collaboration with expert craftsmen. A celebration of the value of authenticity and handmade which represents the true essence of luxury.


Le Cavallerizze, Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’, via Olona 6/bis

Tod's celebrates Italian craftsmanship and manufacturing and creative excellence with The Art of Craftsmanship, the photographic exhibition at Le Cavallerizze, at the Museo Nazionale Scienza e Tecnologia ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’.

A narration through images that tells the story of The Art of Craftsmanship project, in collaboration with the British photographer Tim Walker.


Tiffany&Co. Boutiques, Piazza del Duomo

The much-loved American jewelery brand presents Lock your love, a work by the Milanese artist Pietro Terzini inspired by the Lock collection.

A joint of letters that perfectly reflect its meaning, a symbol of union and connection.