Shaping a new landscape: the new Paola Lenti collections set up inside the future headquarters of her flagship store in Milan which will be inaugurated by the end of 2023

The new location of Paola Lenti will be located in a former industrial complex that extends for over 4000 square meters in the Maciachini district, north of Milan.

A lively and multi-ethnic area which, since the early 2000s undergoing redevelopment, is undergoing urban growth like various peripheral areas of the city.

The area, distant (for now, given the rapid urban evolution of recent years) from the usual design routes, was chosen with the intention of promoting an out-of-the-ordinary 'destination'.

In fact, the architectural project by Bestetti Associati envisages, in addition to the area intended for the showroom, a restaurant, a small hotel de charme with a relaxation area, the studio of a landscape designer and an art gallery for events open to the public.

“My wish is for the new showroom to be a lively place where people feel good. A positive oasis also for Milan” underlines Paola Lenti.

Fundamental elements of the project are the many internal gardens, essential for presenting the outdoor collections and for maintaining that essential and constant link with greenery which for Paola Lenti is a source of inspiration and well being.

The redevelopment project of the original architectural complex, developed between the mid-nineteenth century and the 1960s, recovers an entire urban area to give it back to the neighbourhood.

All aspects of the project are designed to minimize the environmental impact: insulation, reflective glass, latest generation air conditioning and heating systems up to the green roofs, natural insulators for the building, are line with the principles of sustainability.

The gardens, planted with numerous fruit trees and with ornamental species such as maple and cornus, bear witness to the attention paid to the choice of native plants capable of absorbing carbon dioxide and pollutants.

The set-up created for Design Week 2023 staged the new Paola Lenti collections in these large, in-progress spaces.

In the 25th year of the collaboration between Paola Lenti and Francesco Rota, the first chaise longue for indoor Linea is reissued , and the outdoor twin Wave, part of Aqua, the collection that this year is 20 years old.

The Agio indoor modular seating system, the Baia outdoor armchair, the Kiori screen and chair are by Francesco Rota.

Another novelty for the outdoors, the Hat coffee tables by Studio Fabio Fantolino are made in Abonos, a wood recovered from riverbeds, very resistant to humidity and therefore able to maintain its structure unchanged over time, even in severe climatic conditions.