Jannelli&Volpi confirms its presence at Milan Design Week 2023 with a double appointment, at the fair at the Salone del Mobile and in the city at the FuoriSalone

Quality, functionality, trend. Jannelli & amp; Volpi returns to the Milan Design Week and honors three of his distinctive values with an eye increasingly focused on the attention to the production process, which must be responsible and eco-friendly.

The brand's commitment in this sense translates into a company team that develops and periodically analyzes a Green Development Plan with the aim of constantly improving the approach to production: use of eco-friendly materials, traceability and control of all products with a view to recovering the sources used.

To give voice and promote this production philosophy, Jannelli&Volpi is present at Milan Design Week 2023 in two formats: at the fair with the two new wallcoverings Altagamma Tissé and Academy - A Tribute to Gustav Klimt< /em>, and at the FuoriSalone in the city with the collaboration that gives shape to new 'trendy' patterns for wallpaper conceived with the designer and stylist Alessandro Enriquez.

Jannelli&Volpi at the Salone del Mobile, Milan

At the Salone del Mobile, Milan (pav. 4 - stand E06_E08) Jannelli&Volpi will exhibit the entire range, including JV and Co.De, with a focus on the new Altagamma Tissé and Academy - a tribute to Gustav Klimt collections born from careful research, innovative embossing and production techniques, accompanied as always by a careful study of the material and color combinations of contemporary trend.

Altagamma Tisse

A line composed of combinations of chain stitch cords which, thanks to the skill of embossing, live on light and detailed three-dimensionality, as in the geometric design Penelope.

Sophisticated raw canvases 'sewn' with geometric respect give life to a messy sewing as in Pierrot. The research then led to a study of intertwined yarns, free or geometric stitching, as in Arlequine: a design with a strong iconography, with an Anglo-Saxon reference, studied in decisive and harmonious combinations.

For each subject, moreover, there are British-inspired plain colors such as tweed, with warp and weft from the thick and knotty yarn, or in reference to the thin linen canvas, as a reference to the ancient Company of the Indies.

Even the colors proposed and the chromatic combinations are Anglo-Saxon references. Shades of mustard and military green, with contrasting red or cerulean threads. Or again aviation blue and petrol blue with touches of bronze and mellow beige. In line Penelope the chromatic sequence is given by the combinations that give the wall an almost soft touch, sometimes shiny.

The quality of the embossing works in detail, guaranteeing matt or glossy shades. The whole collection aims to give the environment a familiar and warm, personal and welcoming air. Its use in contemporary environments gives identity and elegance and integrates with a modern and minimal design.

Academy - a tribute to Gustav Klimt

The company's interest in the world of art continues with the Academy collection - a tribute to Gustav Klimt which enriches the JV License offer.

Jannelli&Volpi pays homage here to the great star painter of Viennese secessionism.

The tribute is based on the elaboration of his great works of the golden age where he takes up the art of Byzantine mosaics. The result is a collection full of real works of chisel, of luminous and brilliant relief enamels expressed through a thick embossing.

An accurate and chromatically rich research: gold, blue, red expressed on mosaic patterns and murals clearly inspired by Klimt.

Jannelli&Volpi at the FuoriSalone

The two spaces of Jannelli&Volpi in the heart of the design district of Brera in Milan - JVstore and JVstudio - will come alive with events, installations and presentations.

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At the JVstudio of Jannelli&Volpi, the place designed to welcome professionals in Via Statuto 21, the complete range of the offer will be presented with dedicated meetings and on appointment.

At the JVstore of Jannelli&Volpi, the space dedicated to the public in Corso Garibaldi 81, the colorful display will announce two great novelties: the EnriquezLand collection em>, which arises from the company's renewed collaboration with the famous and very Italian designer Alessandro Enriquez and the Sandberg Wallpaper collection - a Swedish paper brand sustainable and high quality wallpapers, of which Jannelli&Volpi becomes the exclusive distributor in Italy.

The Enriquezland collection by Alessandro Enriquez with Jannelli&Volpi

On the occasion of the Milan Design Week 2023, together with the designer Alessandro Enriquez, Jannelli&Volpi creates Enriquezland, a collection of very colorful wallpapers, a hymn to Italy with luminous and lively, full of symbols of love: an anthology of 50 drawings signed by the stylist that tell a lifestyle and convey a very specific message, Loving!

The famous and very Italian designer, with a recognizable pop and colorful trait, for this collaboration collects the most iconic graphics of his collections and together with Jannelli & Volpi imagines furnishing homes with hearts, flowers, Italian atmospheres and lots of food, graphic themes made unique from the ironic trait of Alexander.

Alessandro Enriquez's love for Italy and his way of narrating it through images and inspirations is now internationally recognized. There are three themes told in the collection.

Love! an explosion of hearts, the true signature of Enriquez, surrounded by flowers, fruits and animals, icons of love such as the sheep with the inevitable black, tricolor hens laying golden eggs, musician kittens.

Viva l'Italia! is Amalfi, Palermo with Santa Rosalia, the Vucciria market, the Pizza Margherita, watermelons, lemons and oranges in liberty version, the Italian and Mediterranean ornate architecture with its Baroque church facades.

Circus, circus, circus! With a reference to the great Federico Fellini and his imagination, to the love for Moira with her horses, lions, lucky charms and dancers dancing. All surrounded by stars, Scottish textures, Italian stripes, and winged pegasi.