In the heart of the Porta Venezia District, Leroy Merlin offers a rich program of meetings and talks to get to know new living habits up close, between energy saving and eco-design

The FuoriSalone of Leroy Merlin meets in via Sirtori, in the heart of the Porta Venezia Design District, with a path of installations and encounters that investigate the future of living.

'Home, in fact, in recent years, has meant many things: a container of situations, activities, physical or virtual relationships that have had to adapt to the needs of the historical period distant from any kind of static. A continuous evolution, which has led to a sudden re-adaptation of daily domestic needs.

On the occasion of Design Week 2023 Leroy Merlin therefore tries to answer the question: "what do we expect our home to be tomorrow?". And it does so starting from a certainty, namely that first of all it must be inclusive. But also sustainable and efficient. Three decidedly current themes, which directly affect domestic life.

The title chosen for the review of talks, work tables and meetings is Open House. A new & open way of living: in line with the Laboratorio Futuro macro container identified by the FuoriSalone for this year's edition, it investigates the needs of contemporary living, starting from the improvement of the environments for the community also through 'do-it-yourself'.

For example, the theme of the hybridization of spaces is addressed, but also that of energy saving and the ever more indissoluble link with nature - rediscovered in the pandemic and increasingly indispensable for well-being at home.

The rich program comes to life at Casa Nervesa (via Sirtori, 26, Milan), in a space of 450 square meters, including a large open-air courtyard: here, it is also possible to experience the numerous installations designed by Leroy Merlin together with the architect Maria Anna Tumminello, who designed them in collaboration with the Politecnico di Milano_Scuola del Design.

With the presence of brand partners (Daikin, Grohe, Mapei and Netatmo), and new debate partners such as the community of Airbnb hosts and the Connect Italia association, Leroy Merlin fits fully into the aforementioned 'future laboratory' and opens the doors to Airbnb strong>experts in living, associations, local communities, partner companies to stimulate new visions, projects and solutions that allow everyone to live better in their own homes and in the community, with an eye to the future.

The concept of the Open House at the Fuorisalone is developed according to 4 pillars, namely:
1. Offer: with the intention of creating a truly open house, the company is even more committed to creating a "planet-friendly" home, accelerating in proposing ever more accurate solutions in terms of savings and energy efficiency.

2. Evolution: during the FuoriSalone Leroy Merlin presents new solutions that respond to the needs of the local area and its inhabitants, including totally green shops and the Garden project, a store entirely dedicated to the garden, which will offer products and solutions for the design of the external corner of the house and the maintenance of the greenery.

3. Sustainability: most of the meetings are aimed at presenting new concrete projects aimed at promoting an inclusive economy and at re-generating not only materials, but also people and skills.

4. Home trends: by analyzing the market, Leroy Merlin offers specific insights into the most current home trends with the involvement of experts, professionals and enthusiasts, thus carrying forward the debate on issues related to changing ways of living, the search for greater well-being at home and new shared ways of living.