Inspired by the symbolism and visual representation of the hand, the new Legami carpet collection speaks of relationships and is born from the collaboration between the Italian designer Elena Salmistraro and the Hong Kong company Tai Ping

Bonds like relationships, sharing, closeness, humanity.

It is the hand, in its symbolic but also graphic interpretation, that inspires the Legami collection (precisely) born from the collaboration between Elena Salmistraro and Tai Ping, a high-end carpet manufacturer founded in Hong Kong in 1956.

A line of six rugs made with the artisanal tufting technique, with sinuous and complex shapes.

Using stylized graphics, Elena Salmistraro has broken down the initial concept into six elements, one for each finger - circular for the Thumb, rectangular for the Index, Middle, Ring and little fingers - plus a last carpet, dedicated to the hand, with an irregular and articulated profile.

Each of the six drawings, despite the rigor of the lines, presents shapes that intertwine and overlap, recalling the figures of fingers, hands, arms, but also musical instruments and other symbols.

What emerges is the dynamic and playful effect of the whole, which gives Legami rugs the ability to enliven the space that hosts them.

The color palette is energetic, in the unmistakable style of the designer, and includes saturated colors such as blues, greens and browns, as well as pastel colors from yellow to light blue, to pink, harmoniously combined, sometimes nuanced in refined degradé.

The skilled craftsmen of Tai Ping, in close collaboration with the designer, have transformed the original designs into a series of prestigious carpets thanks to the incomparable expertise in tufting and sartorial trimming of the fleece.

The rich materiality of the textile surfaces is obtained thanks to the alternation of areas in New Zealand wool, the best in the world, with backgrounds in silk, in wool felt.

The three-dimensional and dynamic effect is entrusted to different tufting techniques, skilfully mixed, ranging from pile cut in various lengths to full-bodied ring pile, finally to the compactness of felt pile.

“The thing that fascinates me the most, when I think of a carpet collection, is always the various manual processes that are hidden behind it; in the six carpets by Legami", said Elena Salmistraro, "shape, color and material take on a primordial value, which highlights the gesture, the embrace, the bond."

Two of Legami's six carpets are presented in the Milanese preview on February 14: Pollice (circular) and Anulare (rectangular).

The complete collection will make its debut at the April 2023 Fuorisalone, again in the Tai Ping showroom in Piazza San Simpliciano, in the setting of an original installation, specially conceived by the designer.