The Spanish luxury house presents Loewe Chairs, a project that highlights the value of manufacturing through the transformation of an everyday object into an original piece of furniture with an intense charisma

Loewe Chairs is the project that the well-known luxury brand presents on the occasion of Milan Design Week 2023: a language parallel to the usual expressive code used daily by the Spanish luxury house, which introduces itself into the domestic sphere to tell once again the precious manufacturing history of which it has always been the spokesperson.

At the center is a product for daily use which, for the occasion, takes on the appearance of a unique object.

Each chair belonging to the Loewe Chairs proposal is in fact different from the others: weaving and embellishment are at the center of the project. Thanks to the added value that only craftsmanship can bring, weaving is explored as a way to create additional textures, to expand the shapes into softly sculptural protrusions.

The protagonist seats of the Loewe Chairs project can be observed during the FuoriSalone 2023 in the courtyard of Palazzo Isimbardi from 17 to 23 April.

Different weaving techniques and numerous materials are on display. Some, such as leather and raffia, close to the Loewe alphabet, others unpublished such as the lamina thermal blankets.

For the production of the chairs, shearling and felt were also used, in particular as a covering and as a component capable of giving them a soft and tactile texture.

A successful exercise, which also wishes to enhance the constant progression that characterizes contemporary craftsmanship - never immobile but always in constant evolution.

The use of color also plays a fundamental and unexpected role: complementary to the materials, it enhances them by maximizing the intervention on the chairs and the consequent reinvention decorative.

Thus, the humble cane chair becomes a springboard for a rich woven decoration.

As part of the Loewe Chairs project, thirty stick chairs were weaving and embellishment: twenty-two are antiques originals, while the remaining eight have been reworked by an English atelier specializing in stick chairs.

The eight Lloyd Loom seats created by the Belgian company Vincent Sheppard also finalize the investigation into the functional and decorative value of the chairs.

All chairs are for sale. Bags and leather goods inspired by the materials and techniques that embellish the chairs will be sold exclusively during the event.