Appointment at Palazzo Vidiserti Dozzio for Luca Trazzi's FuoriSalone 2023: in via Montenapoleone, 23 in Milan, an installation that interacts with the new seating line designed for Iplex Design

The FuoriSalone 2023 by Luca Trazzi is proposed in a double dimension that blends experience with product novelty.

During Milan Design Week 2023, the designer invites the public to meet the new seating collection designed for Iplex Design, a company specialized in the transformation of methacrylate into furnishing elements, in a context that interacts intimately with the proposed furniture.

An almost innate dialogue between location and product.

The points of contact between the location and the new line designed by Luca Trazzi are numerous, starting from the affinity between the shape of the new seat and the 'miraculous' well that, it is said, was once present in the cloister of the building.

The chair designed for Iplex looks like a piece of design with soft, rounded lines that recall the classic shape of a bubble, from which they derive both the essential sense of lightness and magic, and the dimension collection of privacy in which to retreat.

Luca Trazzi in fact tells how this seat wants to offer comfort, welcome and full comfort to those who use it.

During the FuoriSalone the feeling of 'nest in which to isolate oneself is amplified: crouching down on the seats arranged inside the sixteenth-century architecture, it is possible to observe the dynamic lighting design installation created for the 2023 Design Week.

A context with which the seat fits perfectly in synergy, also thanks to the playful declination that characterizes all the projects of Studio Trazzi.

The interaction between colours, geometries and transparencies help to transform what could be a mere visit into a real experience; the sinuous shapes that form the pattern of the Dreaming the bubble installation – in a continuous interweaving with the new seating collection – draw inspiration from the 'magic' well of Palazzo Vidiserti Dozzio: it is said that the water contained in it came from a source with healing properties for the eyes.

But this is not the only mention.

Indeed, the hemispherical shape that characterizes the seat designed by Luca Trazzi for Iplex Design is not new to the world of design and contemporary art: think of Eclissi by Vico Magistretti from 1965, to the igloos by Mario Merz from 1967, to the Bubble Chair by Aarnio of '68.

On the design front, it is the innovation of materials that outlines the contemporaneity of the new product: all the chairs are made of methacrylate, a totally recycled and recyclable eco-sustainable material that is transformed thanks to the recovery of a pre-existing mould and originally intended for the production of a component for industry.

The new seating collection designed by Studio Trazzi for Iplex Design thus embodies an example of made in Italy excellence that satisfies the essential need today for a respectful approach.