In the garden of ME Milan Il Duca, an installation with a great scenographic impact inaugurates the Milan Design Week. It can be visited until May 3, 2023

The 'night' and the 'unconscious' are the two macro themes that ME Milan Il Duca, together with the Milanese studio (ab)Normal, intends to investigate during spring 2023. And it does so through an installation immersive, curated by Francesca Gotti, entitled Together in Electric Dreams.

The initiative is part of a vast program of art and design events, to which the famous Milanese hotel pays particular attention, designating itself as a point of reference for a luxurious and sophisticated lifestyle.


The project, inaugurated during the Milan Design Week and open until May 3, 2023, reflects on the indissoluble link between daily rest and the night - understood as a place for both the unconscious and subversion.

The installation welcomes the visitor through sound echoes (recorded during the opening night), which intertwine with bodily appearances and visual traces: a proposal that dilates the time and space of those who cross the threshold of the garden.

If we think about it, for some, the night is synonymous with stillness. For others, of hallucination.

The will of ME Milan Il Duca and (ab)Normal is in fact to not limit itself to associating the moment of rest with that of unproductiveness, but also to tell it as the place of idleness, of loss of control .

There are those who take advantage of the night to rest or those who work , those who wander aimlessly or those who run towards their destination (I am one example truck drivers, who every day - at any time - travel the roads of the world).

The night, then, is also a symbol of agitation, a moment in which the thoughts of the day resurface and, sometimes, turn upside down. With the installation Together in Electric Dreams, ME Milan Il duca and (ab)Normal Studio want to tell the subversive dimension of the night.

"We are very proud to take part in the Design Week with this exciting immersive installation to reinterpret the world of dreams with (ab)Normal" declares Alessandro Misani, general manager of ME Milano Il Duca and operational director Milan - Meliá Hotels International </ strong>.

"Art and design are part of our luxury hotel lifestyle DNA and we are sure that design addicts looking for the best spots in Milan will be stimulated by this activation".

Following the inaugural evening (held on 16 April 2023) the immersive space remains open and can be visited by all, everyday from 10am to 9pm.