With the intention of enhancing the role of materials in everyday life and underlining the fundamental relationship of interdependence with the world of design, the studio presents 'Design Sprouts Material'

MM Design, an international design studio also based in Milan, participates in the FuoriSalone 2023 with the Design Sprouts Material exhibition: an installation designed to make the visitor interact with the materials used to design, transmitting their centrality in all daily activities.

An upside down tree

The creation of the creative concept of Design Sprouts Material draws from the conviction of how design is capable of transforming materials into new fruits, i.e. useful and usable products in all sectors.

A metaphor that takes on the lines of an overturned tree , where the branches are like long arms that reach out to touch whoever is observing the installation. These are naturally branches flowering, because the design (central body of the tree) is that component capable, in fact, of implementing a metamorphosis, letting the materials 'bloom' giving life to extraordinary objects.

With this installation MM Design, in collaboration with Covestro, one of the world's leading producers of polymeric materials and their high quality components, offers a space informative and experiential in which visitors can interact with innovative materials, surfaces and colours.

Mathhub is here, the digital archive for materials

At Milan Design Week 2023, MM Design is also presenting a new service: Mathub, a digital library that allows the user to consult, just like ago with an encyclopaedia, a selection of materials identified by the study to stimulate the imagination of innovative scenarios.

Mathub offers the most suitable, safe and sustainable materials and a rich network of suppliers able to manage customized processes and experiments in terms of new material combinations.

Visitors will also be able to join guided tours at specific times.

To access Design Sprouts Material by MM Design pre-registration is required via the website: https://www.mmdesign.eu/it/mathub