The installation by Sawaya & Moroni for the Fuorisalone 2023 opens with the Tecla seat by Mario Cucinella. A direct reference to the eco-compatible house in reclaimed earth, which he designed in 2021

With the intention of following up on the experience started with the Tecla home project, Sawaya & Moroni has entrusted Mario Cucinella with a sustainable and environmentally friendly furnishing project.

The Sawaya & Moroni 2023 in fact starts from the reflection on the circular economy: "no longer an indication of principle, a suggestion for facing the near future, but now an integral part of a new way of facing the project, regardless of the scale and the type of reference".

Tecla is displayed at the entrance to the store, in a central position, in its variations with shell in recycled plastic and wood.

The shell shape is an architectural reference to an inverted dome into which the padded seat and backrest are inserted.

The 3D printer technology already tested for the living space is used on the furnishing scale for the recycled plastic version, while for the wooden model built by assembling solid wood portions, >stained ash wood from controlled cultivations.

On the right side of the showcase, the bridge seat in steel covered in recycled leather LouLou, by William Sawaya, is declined in an armchair and a small sofa two places (but capable of extending indefinitely) "that we could find in the rooms of 2001 A Space Odyssey, as furnishings of an unspecified future, but part of our present" .

An armchair that reinterprets the atmospheres and figures of the 70s. An 'open system, a sort of 'infinite furniture'.

Designed by Zaha Hadid 2007 and presented last year for Sawaya & Moroni, the Mini Plush - a project curated by ZHD - overlooks the side window on via Clerici.

An informal seat that takes up the original compositional characteristics on a smaller scale, redefining the idea of the seat and the relationship between the object and the environment that welcomes it.

The Thread metal chair by Ma Yansong-MAD - presented last year as a prototype and put into production in 2023 - investigates the aesthetic value of the structure.

After a thorough engineering process by Sawaya & Moroni, Thread is presented this year in its final version in lacquered steel in the satin chromed and phosphated versions.

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