On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2023 Occhio stages New Horizons, an immersive experience that is the story of a new culture of light

The Glass Pavilion of the historic Villa Necchi Campiglio is the ideal setting for expressing the vision of the new culture of light according to Occhio, international lifestyle brand founded in 1999 by designer Axel Meise under the banner of design quality, research technology and "joy of use" to indicate the numerous potentials of the management of light sources.

"For me, light is pure emotion. With New Horizon, we have created an experience dedicated to precisely these feelings. An installation in which people can experience the deep emotions evoked by light," he explains Axel Meise.

Lighting company devoted to innovation, as well as an international brand in the luxury segment, Occhio was born from the idea of creating holistic modular systems that always follow the same common thread, allowing the user to become the lighting designer of your own space

The installation evokes the concepts of the new, but also of the unknown, projecting it towards scenarios that transform the imagination into reality.
“Occhio never sees the ambition to innovate, the departure for the new, as a finished goal, but as a stimulus, a mission and part of its entrepreneurial DNA”.

To inspire the designer in the installation project this place that "embodies what human beings can create technically and aesthetically if they follow the vision of an ideal living space... Being able to stage our idea of a new enlightenment culture on this stage, to make it possible to experience holistically what we mean by it, is a special opportunity," says Axel Meise.

New Horizon stages the new evocative Luna collection at Villa Necchi Campiglio, on the occasion of the 2023 Design Week. A masterpiece of lighting technology, it is based on the Fireball light source, which appears to float like a celestial body in the glass sphere.

Luna brings together design with classic shapes and innovation in a complete series of wall, ceiling, table and suspension fixtures. The Fireball inside the mirrored glass sphere creates a soft and direct light, without glare. When lit, the Fireball looks like a moon and appears to float in the device.

Luna is available with a mirrored head or base, in three different sizes, depending on the version. With simple gestures or using the Occhio air app, you can dim the light, turn it on, turn it off, or change its color temperature.