Rossana Orlandi and her daughter Nicoletta Orlandi Brugnoni present the 2023 edition of the RoPlastic Prize, the prize to raise awareness of the recycling, reuse and upcycle of plastic and other materials

On the occasion of FuoriSalone 2023, the RoPlastic Prize returns to the fifth edition, the RoGuiltlessPlastic prize conceived and curated by the gallery owner Rossana Orlandi, Compasso d'Oro for her career in 2022, and by her daughter Nicoletta Orlandi Brugnoni, to raise awareness and involve the design community to the recycling, reuse and upcycle of plastic, but also of other materials, for a more responsible and sustainable production. Over 600 participants this year from 73 countries, 194 finalists, three categories: Art&collectible design, Emerging high technology and Inspiring learning project.

The finalist projects will be on display from 17 to 23 April, in a collective exhibition curated by Nicoletta Orlandi Brugnoni in the RoDistrict at Palazzo Bandello in via Matteo Bandello 22.

The three winners, one for each category, will be nominated on 18 April and will be awarded a prize of 10,000 euros during the ceremony on 20 April at 6 pm (by invitation) at the Milan Triennale.

“Every year curating and producing the RoPlastic Prize is more and more exciting”, comments Nicoletta Orlandi Brugnoni.

“It is a job that lasts an entire year, starting from an analysis of the sector and the theme to decide the categories that will make it up. Then there is the involvement with schools of all levels to launch the call: more and more universities and research institutes apply to the Prize year after year. Last but not least, the great satisfaction of perceiving the enthusiasm of the participants and following the evolution and, often times, the success and realization of the projects presented during the various editions over the coming years".

What is RoGuiltlessPlastic

RoGuiltlessPlastic, with the RoPlastic Prize and the various events of each edition, is a global manifesto-project of dissemination, awareness, and involvement aimed not only at designers and artists, but to a heterogeneous audience that sees the participation of individuals, companies and international institutions.

The project was born in 2018, in a period in which plastic was practically banned because it was labeled as the number one enemy of the environment. Instead of condemning plastic tout court, Rossana Orlandi and her daughter Nicoletta courageously and going against the tide decide to tackle the issue of waste generated by plastic with a critical spirit, supporting the thesis ' plastic is not guilty: abuse and misuse of plastic are the real problems', i.e. "plastic is not guilty: the abuse and misuse of plastic are the real problems".

The international RoGuiltlessPlastic project aims to inspire and involve the creative community to explore a new design and production philosophy using innovative materials that derive from the re-waste of plastic (recycle , reuse and upcycle) for the first two editions, to then expand to the re-waste of other materials in the subsequent ones.

How the RoPlastic Prize works

The RoPlastic Prize, the flagship event of the entire RoGuiltlessPlastic project, is aimed at creatives from all over the world, regardless of age or profession.

The categories vary with each edition, and this year they are: Art&collectible design, with collectible design objects, unique or limited edition, including NFTs, videos , photographs and performances that carry out research exclusively on reused or recycled plastic; Emerging high technology, the category that involves companies, industries, universities to identify virtuous practices that minimize environmental impact, the use of energy and emissions; and Inspiring learning project, popular, educational and training projects capable of communicating what are the new professional figures required linked to the circular economy, involving and making students passionate.

To decide the three winners of the RoPlastic Prize 2023, the international jury made up of:

  • Stefano Boeri, president of Triennale Milano
  • Jessica Chong Pui Pui, Head of Strategic Marketing at Henderson Land Dvlp
  • Giovanni de Niederhauser, senior vice president of architecture at Pininfarina
  • Flavien Gaillard, head of design Europe at Christie's
  • Luciano Galimberti, president of ADI
  • Marva Griffin Whilshire, creator and curator of SaloneSatellite
  • Amit Gupta, founder and managing editor of Stir
  • Cyrill Gutsch, founder and CEO of Parley for the Oceans
  • Benedict Hobson, co-CEO of Dezeen
  • Stephanie Ingrassia, vice chair of the Brooklyn Museum
  • Simone Maccagnan, business development of Gimac•Whitney Robinson, CEO of Dw NorthStar
  • Luca Ruini, president of Conai
  • Jana Zielinski, director of the Prague Design Blok
  • Francesco Zurlo, dean of the School of Design of the Milan Polytechnic

RoCollectible 2023

Alongside the RoPlastic Prize 2023, the Rossana Orlandi Gallery in via Matteo Bandello 14 and 16 is hosting the selection RoCollectible 2023, from 16 to 23 April, strong> the collection design personally chosen by Rossana Orlandi.

Among the many exhibitors, there are, just to name a few: Altreforme with Matteo Cibic, Anotherview, Atelier oï, Alvaro Catalán De Ocón, Draga&Aurel, Piet Hein Eek, Mandalaki, Palomba & Serafini Studio for In Aeras.

Also on display is Citroën Oli (where Oli stands for 'electric for all'), the electric car design prototype, which will remain only at the prototype level, a conceptual manifesto for the next models of the automotive house.