At FuoriSalone 2023, Samsonite presents Ibon to the public: the new design suitcase that simplifies the travel routine of those who travel for work or passion

For Samsonite, this year's Milan Design Week corresponds to the official debut of the new < strong>suitcase Ibon. For the occasion, it will be Erik Sijmons – senior design director of the company and responsible for the design of the popular Cosmolite series – who will directly introduce the newcomer and its characteristics.

Already winner of the Red Dot Design (Best of the Best) and of theInnovative Product Award, Ibon is the result of the collaboration between the Research and Development by Samsonite and the Belgian studio Achilles Design.

Ibon does exactly what you would expect from a design product: revolutionizes and simplifies the life of those who use it, remaining true to the excellent design quality to which – as in this case – one is used to it when a specialized company proposes it.

Ibon is a different suitcase from the usual ones. Starting with the most obvious innovations, it is impossible not to notice the central locking system: no zip, but just one button to rotate and press. An aspect which makes it quickly accessible and which allows it to be closed more immediately.

Placed vertically in the center of the trolley, this new opening method also allows the user to save space: when open, in fact, the suitcase is less bulky than traditional ones. A feature that helps improve baggage management, even when you're on the move.

Samsonite designed Ibon to meet the needs of frequent travellers.

To store clothes inside this new suitcase, simply stack the clothes, even without folding them, thanks to the larger internal space and the 'click and compress' dividing system which allows you to make the most of both luggage compartments. Furthermore, both dividers are removable and one of them has a large pocket.

Also inside, there is also a central handle useful for lifting the suitcase when open, in a simple and well-calibrated way.

Ibon has many handles also externally: one in the centre, one on the side and on the corners, which help the user move the luggage, load it and unload it from means of transport with ease.

With the introduction of the revolutionary Ibon suitcase, Samsonite confirms its intention to create new travel trends, considering the travel experience as important as the destination.

To get to know the new Ibon suitcase, Samsonite makes an appointment for April 19, 2023, from 5 to 7 pm, for an aperitif with Erik Sijmons at the Samsonite Store in Milan – via San Pietro all'Orto, 11.