On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2023, the French brand Tectona Paris and the compatriot designer Martin Szekely present a new collection aimed at enhancing all that is pure

On the occasion of the FuoriSalone 2023, the collaboration between Tectona and the designer Martin Szekely gives life to a new collection, Soleil, conceived and developed in the Tectona Atelier.

"A matter of people with experience and knowledge at the service of high fashion work that will last over time.

This Project brings me back to the craft I learned as a young man in carpentry workshops, in French menuiserie, whose etymology is menus travaux (minor works) or ouvrages de bois délicats (delicate wooden works). These are those products which, made with all the necessary attention, will intrude into our environments for the pleasure of the senses and of our bodies on "holiday". Soleil!», says Martin Szekely.

Destined to become emblematic, this first collection in larch wood is the result of the collaboration between Tectona and Martin Szekely, designer of objects and furniture of international reputation and authentic professional cabinetmaker.

The combination of traditional woodworking techniques and numerical control machines makes it possible to obtain extreme precision in the assembly of the various elements that make up a piece of furniture.

The Soleil collection is a perfect synthesis of the rigorous approach of MSz, as he likes to call himself. The armchair, the footrest and the bench respond to archetypal forms, immediately recognizable and perfectly functional. The extreme refinement of woodworking, in this case larch, revives the great cabinet-making tradition in combination with numerical control machines, to give life to a collection with absolutely pure lines.

In larch wood, beyond pure aesthetics

With a view to increasingly aligning itself with a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach, Tectona has chosen to start using larch, a conifer from the temperate regions of the hemisphere northern, not at risk of extinction and offering qualities comparable to those of teak.

Particularly resistant, its wood, rot-proof and extremely dense, is used above all in the mountains to build chalets and furniture. A raw material capable of merging aesthetics and functional desires.